Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Lighting of underground mine workings

Rational lighting of mining works is important for creating normal working conditions. Proper lighting reduces worker fatigue and improves productivity and work safety. Insufficient lighting of open and underground workings leads to injuries and accidents.

The lighting devices of underground mine workings are:

  1. stationary operating during the entire service life of the production.
  2. semi-stationary, which can move as the hole progresses.
  3. local, in which the lighting installation is mounted on mining machines and mechanisms. They are subject to the strictest safety requirements.
  4. portable and individual, which are included in the mandatory equipment of every miner. Without them, the descent into the mine, the movement of people through the workings and the execution of work are prohibited.

Lighting of underground mine workings, lighting of underground mine workings

On the surface of the mine or quarry, all workplaces, reception areas near the shaft, stairs, passageways for people and rooms with electrical installations, warehouses and waste ways must be constantly illuminated.

Lamps connected to the electrical network must constantly illuminate:

  • mining yards, machine rooms, workshops, electric locomotive depots, medical centers, warehouses of explosive materials, main and auxiliary mine workings, which are used for the movement of people and transportation of goods, unloading and loading platforms;
  • working sites of escarpments, sides of quarries, railway tracks and highways, points of unloading and overloading of rock mass, stairs on the slopes of escarpments.

Lighting devices can be of two types by power:

  • lamps for short-range action at a distance of 20-30 m;
  • searchlights at a distance of up to 200 m.

The best option for underground mine lighting is LED lights. The low voltage supply of LEDs is the main advantage of LED lights for mines, since it is the high voltage of the electrical network that is the most frequent cause of emergency situations.

Other advantages of LED light sources include a low pulsation coefficient (should not exceed 20%), no stroboscopic effect, and high reliability of lamps, which meets regulatory requirements for lighting devices for mining.

The high energy efficiency of LED light sources is an additional factor in the profitability of mines, although the resulting power of the lighting system against the background of the consumption of mining machines is not a determining factor.

Pay attention to our lamps for underground mining:

Explosion-proof LED floodlight up to 76 VEx (1EX) Lamp LSR01 with SDL (LED) mine explosion-proof LED The lamp DSR19U is explosive Lamp FSR20U/DSR20U for mines and mines
Lamp DO76ВЕХ (1EX) Lamp LSR01 with LED Lamp DSR19U Lamp FSR20U/DSR20U
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