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Lighting of metallurgical enterprises

At the enterprises of the metallurgical industry lighting of industrial premises is of great importance. This is due to the difficult conditions in which employees have to work - very high temperatures, vibrations, the presence of aggressive suspended particles. In addition, the height of the ceiling, which exceeds 12 meters, complicates the maintenance of lighting fixtures.

As a rule, metallurgical enterprises work in three shifts. Such production facilities require special luminaires with a long service life. The work of traditional electrical equipment in the shops is negatively affected by soot, dust, gas mixtures that accumulate in the air. That is why high-quality lighting equipment must have strong protection against dust and various contaminants. Only in this case we can talk about its reliability and profitability.

To achieve all these goals, LED luminaires with glass protection, high IP standard, modern units that provide protection against voltage fluctuations in the network and reliable fasteners designed for very high ceilings are optimal. Many models of lamps can be made for rooms with high temperatures up to 80-90 degrees.

Lighting of metallurgical enterprises

In addition to energy saving, LED lighting has a number of other benefits. They are no less important when it comes to the production area of ​​the metallurgical industry:

  • Lighting quality. LED luminaires significantly improve the level of illumination of shops. This reduces the risk of injury to employees.
  • Long service life. In shops, replacing a failed lamp is always a problem. It can be easily solved by installing LED equipment, because the light bulb needs to be changed every 10-12 months.
  • Uniform lighting. LEDs allow you to achieve diffused, uniform lighting in production buildings, and this is very important for work. Employees do not strain their eyesight, their eyes do not get tired, because there are no pulsations and flicker, which are characteristic of fluorescent lamps.

With so many undoubted advantages, the transition to more modern and reliable lighting in many metallurgical enterprises faces various obstacles. Business leaders often cite a lack of funding, but rather the reason is bureaucracy.

High-quality and modern lighting will save on electricity bills, reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, improve working conditions and productivity of the workforce.

Our specialists always promptly go to the company, assess the scale of work and the necessary equipment. Thanks to extensive experience, we will select and install lighting in production facilities of any size and configuration.

Pay attention to our lamps which are successfully used for lighting of metallurgical enterprises:

The explosion-proof LED DSP21VEkh lamp for lighting of metallurgical production DSR19U lamp for lighting of metallurgical production Lamp DSP37V (C) for metallurgy
The DSP21VEkh lamp DSR19U lamp Lamp DSP37V (C)
The DSP36B lamp for lighting of metallurgical plant DSU05U searchlight (A-max model) The DSP23 lamp for lighting of metallurgical plant
The DSP36B lamp DSU05U searchlight (A-max model) Lamp of a chipboard23
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