Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Features of lighting in a confectionery shop or factory

Premises where confectionery products are manufactured are characterized by significant temperature fluctuations and high humidity. In this regard, it is necessary to select and install lighting fixtures so that they take into account the specifics of such a microclimate.

During the design of lighting, not only the characteristics of the premises are taken into account, but also the sanitary and hygienic conditions regarding the work of employees. Thus, the standards require a minimum level of illumination in the main workshop of at least 200 Lux. Additional rooms should be illuminated with an indicator of at least 150 Lux.

The pulsating coefficient of lighting devices is also regulated by the regulations and should not exceed 20%.

The specifics of some premises of confectionery factories implies that they may contain dust and explosive substances. Therefore, it is imperative to install lighting devices in protective structures.

How to choose lighting fixtures

The best option for lighting confectionery shops are LED lamps of various designs.

  • Linear luminaire systems with through wiring. They do a good job of providing a normal level of illumination in the main premises of workshops and factories.
  • Pendant lamps in the shape of a bell dome. It is optimal to mount them in workshops with high ceilings.
  • LED lighting devices with motion sensor. They are effective when installed in utility rooms, sanitary rooms, storerooms, that is, where employees are not permanently located.

When choosing a luminaire model for hot shops, you need to pay attention to the range of permissible temperatures during operation. It is desirable to choose the maximum level of dust and moisture protection, according to the IP54 standard.

Features of lighting in a confectionery shop or factory

Advantages of LED lamps

For the premises of confectionery factories and workshops, it is optimal to choose LED devices. They are characterized not only by reduced electricity consumption, but also have other advantages:

  • Help save on emergency lighting installation costs by being made from simple, small units.
  • They have a low pulsation coefficient, which meets the requirements for labor protection and sanitary and hygienic standards in confectionery shops.
  • Through wiring, which is used for trunk systems, reduces lighting installation costs.
  • The overall cost of operating the premises is reduced due to the exceptional durability and quality of the LED bulbs.

Please contact us to order comprehensive services for the organization of lighting for the confectionery shop. Our masters are ready to go to the site to take the necessary dimensions, clarify the layout and wiring. This will help to quickly and correctly design the lighting system for industrial premises at confectionery production facilities.

Take a look at our luminaires, which are successfully used for lighting in a confectionery shop or factory:

The lamp DPP07B for lighting confectionery factories Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U for lighting confectionery factories Lamp DSP46U for lighting confectionery factories
The lamp DPP07B Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U Lamp DSP46U
The DSP65V lamp for lighting confectionery factories DPP28U Market LED lamp for lighting confectionery shops DSO06V lamp for confectionery buildings
The DSP65V lamp DPP28U Market LED lamp The DSO06V lamp
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