Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Features of sewing workshop lighting

Managers of small sewing industries or entrepreneurs who are just planning to open a workshop are sometimes not serious about choosing a room in which people will have to work at least 8 hours a day. Minimum requirements are imposed on tailoring shops, as a rule, attention is paid to the microclimate. Mostly, the personnel of such enterprises are women, and temperature conditions must be taken into account. You cannot demand high productivity and product quality from seamstresses if the workshop is cold or too hot, stuffy or humidity goes off scale.

You need to think about the organization of space. Make sure that the workplaces are conveniently located for seamstresses, technologists, mechanics servicing equipment. Do not forget about good ventilation and a healthy microclimate. It is difficult for workers to think about the quality of products when they are cold or too hot.

Illumination of workplaces should be given special attention. Often, when renting a room, this factor is not given decisive importance. Employees of the enterprise are forced to be content with outdated electrical equipment, the maintenance of which is reduced to replacing burnt out light bulbs.

Poor lighting can create a number of problems:

  • The productivity of seamstresses is declining. They have to watch how the line fits.
  • The percentage of defective products is growing. Not surprisingly, in poor lighting, you can not notice that the seam turned out to be uneven.
  • Employees become fatigued faster, which also negatively affects product quality.
  • In a cutting room with poor lighting, fabric defects can be overlooked.
  • High-quality light is also needed in the finished product inspection area. It is difficult to assess the quality of the product in a dark room.
  • It is impossible to ignore the lighting of other areas - fittings workshops, warehouses, offices of company managers, where meetings with suppliers and buyers take place, important documents are signed.

All of these problems can be avoided. It is enough to replace the old, obsolete electrical equipment with modern - LED.

Standards and requirements for lighting of clothing production premises

In sewing shops, the illumination should correspond to the norm - 1 lumen per 1 sq. m (750 Lx).

It is necessary to purchase lamps with a light temperature of 5000K. In other words, their glow has a warm or neutral white hue. This requirement is due to the fact that blue or yellow light (from 6000 to 6500K) is capable of distorting shades.

It is important to consider the color rendering index. This indicator can range from 85 to 100. In the garment industry, where color matching is sometimes important, such a requirement is quite justified.

It is recommended to use luminaires that are equipped with diffusers at the OTK site and in the cutting shop. They do not give unwanted shadows on fabrics and finished products.

Selection of fixtures

If you are thinking about the reconstruction of lighting in the clothing industry, the specialists of our company will help you. Having vast experience, they will make all the necessary calculations, advise on the choice of fixtures, develop a diagram of their location in each room.Modern and high-quality lighting will reduce the cost of paying for electricity. Your employees will feel comfortable, and the products will be of high quality, the percentage of defects will significantly decrease.

Take a look at our luminaires, which are successfully used for lighting in a sewing workshop:

The lamp DPP07B for lighting sewing workshop Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U for sewing workshop Lamp DSP46U for lighting sewing industries
The lamp DPP07B Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U Lamp DSP46U
The DSP65V lamp for lighting sewing industries DPP28U Market LED lamp for sewing workshop DSO06V lamp for sewing workshop
The DSP65V lamp DPP28U Market LED lamp The DSO06V lamp
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