Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Lighting of a woodworking shop

At woodworking enterprises special attention is paid to the lighting of premises. When drawing up the plan of works consider not only convenience of use of lighting devices, but also safety of laying of cables, other elements of system.

What to consider

Lighting is designed, and the lamps are installed taking into account the comfort and safety of workers. This reduces the risk of injury, follow the rules of labor protection. At the woodworking enterprise many works are carried out simultaneously and on one area. This should be taken into account to consider the same quality lighting for each area.

Therefore, the main lighting system in the woodworking shop is complemented by lamps that have a sufficient level of protection. According to the European standards EN-12464-1, in the production premises of the woodworking shop the lighting should correspond to 500 Lk.

The figure is raised to 750 lux, if the shop performs:

  • varnish;
  • grinding;
  • mosaic and inlay works.

If control works are carried out in the shop, the level of illumination should be 1000 Lk.

For safety and convenience of movement of people it is necessary to create uniform illumination in all space of shop.

Lighting of a woodworking shop

When designing a system in a woodworking shop, it is necessary to avoid the stroboscopic effect when the lights are on. Then the employee will not have the illusion of a switched off tool (although in fact it works) and will be able to avoid serious injuries. The stroboscopic effect is most dangerous when rotating tools are used in the enterprise. It can be eliminated through the use of electronic control gear.

Types and location of lamps

To comply with all rules and standards, it is optimal to install ceiling or tubular lamps. You need to choose products with direct radiation and a large radius of distribution of light rays. If the height of the ceilings in the room is more than 6 m, pendant lamps are suitable.

Work areas with high accumulation of dust require the selection of luminaires with dust protection IP54 or IP65. It is important to use natural light correctly. For example, in a room with large windows, desks are placed at right angles to them. Sawing, milling, drilling of the master must be performed under a lamp mounted on the ceiling. The light should fall on the left side and along the trajectory of the employee's gaze. Then there are no sharp shadows, and good visibility is guaranteed.

Our specialists are ready to go to your production to assess the scale of work and equipment on site. Extensive experience allows our employees to select and install lighting for industrial premises, taking into account the internal planning and the availability of electrical networks.

Our company "Vatra-Zahid" perfectly coped with lighting for warehouses of production "Euroshpon-Smyga". We installed the right lighting fixtures, which reduced energy consumption for lighting, as well as achieved uniform illumination of the entire room.

Pay attention to our lamps which are successfully used for lighting of woodworking shops:

The lamp DPP07B for lighting of a woodworking shop Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U for lighting of a woodworking shop Lamp DSP46U for a woodworking shop
The lamp DPP07B Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U Lamp DSP46U
The DSP65V lamp for lighting a woodworking shop DPP28U Market LED lamp for lighting of a woodworking shop DSO06V lamp for a woodworking shop
The DSP65V lamp DPP28U Market LED lamp The DSO06V lamp
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