Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

About the company

Vatra is the first and one of the largest manufacturer's of LED equipment in Ukraine.

We have more than 60 years of experience at professional lightning market!

Since our company was founded, thousands of models of modern lighting fixtures and floodlights for the illumination of explosive and industrial objects have been developed. We strive not only to be the first, but also to be the best in our business!

The main benefits of all our products is reliability and quality, thus we can provide guarantee for up to 5 years of proper expluataion.

Main concept of our enterprise is to provide a wide assortment of products for operative and integrated services. We supply an extensive range of premium luminaires and accessoires for various indoor and outdoor lighting which counts more than 10 000 positions: cable, wire, lamps, lamps, assembly products, linear valves and automation of leading manufacturers. We also offer electrical works, ensuring a comprehensive approach and the possibility of turnkey projects.

We always hear our customers needs and  work with both typical and individual orders. Our regular partners are well-known industrial enterprises, construction and installation organizations, agricultural companies, farms, oil refineries, united territorial communities, etc.

The high qualification of our employees and high-quality equipment allow us to carry out the most complicated projects within the established terms, taking into consideration all the customer's conditions. Experienced managers will help to select equipment even for the most exacting partners, and a wide range, designed for different customer needs, will satisfy any of your needs.

Since the beginning our company has established itself as a professional, reliable, proven partner, thus we are confident that you'll be satisfied with the results of cooperation with us!

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