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Professional lighting

Trading house "VATRA-Zahid" is one of leading supplier's of lighting at Ukraine: explosion-proof, fireproof, antivandal industrial, office, road&street Lighting fixtures with LED, metal halide, sodium, luminescent light sources.

We offering a huge quantity of advantages during cooperation with clients!

Our products have high reliability compare to analogs. We are confident in our products, so we provide a guarantee for our products up to 60 months. Moreover, we do not overestimate the cost of our services thus you can win in terms of price and quality.

Since our company was founded, we established ourself as a professional, reliable and proven partner. The main proof of this is that our regular partners are leading industrial enterprises, construction and installation organizations, agricultural companies, farms, oil refining companies, united territorial communities and utilities among different countries.

We are sure that once you'll start cooperation with us, you'll remain our partner for many years!

25 May 2020

Intensive technical development has led to the creation of the concept of "smart city" , which involves the integration of...

11 March 2020

We bring to your attention a novelty in the market of LED products - LED lamp DSU05U-60-1-gas station for gas station lighting.

06 March 2020

Dear Women, Happy Holidays! We want all your days to be sunny, bright and unforgettable, so that your home is always cozy and warm.

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