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Lighting for mines

Adequate lighting in high risk areas where landslides and explosions are possible are one of the major requirements for lighting fixtures designed for work in mines and mines. The main purpose of such lighting is to provide comfortable working conditions for people and their safety.

Lighting for mines

Luminaires designed to illuminate mines and mines have a number of requirements, including:

  • in the presence of a high concentration of combustible gaseous substances, the lamp must be constructed in such a way as to guarantee the protection of mine workers from fires and explosions;
  • two types of production of mine light sources (network, battery) optimize the possibilities of work processes in mines;
  • in downhole and downhole spaces, light fixtures with a maximum voltage level of 127 volts can be used;
  • the minimum battery life should be at least ten hours.

In addition, the level of influence of high temperatures, high humidity on the mine light fixtures and more should be under special control.

LED light sources are a revolution in the world of lighting. They have solved a whole set of problems: they have extended the life of the lighting devices and the safety of their use, reduced the power consumption, and improved the light output.

The low voltage characteristic of the LED's batteries is the basis of the explosion-proofing of mine fixtures. The light source is characterized by low power, which increases the battery life.

The big advantage of LED luminaires is that they have a small ripple ratio when connected to AC networks, reducing the strain on the eyes of mine workers and mines. This feature greatly improves the comfort of working conditions.

Take a look at our luminaires that can be used to illuminate mines and mines:

lamp mine DSR19U the lamp for mines FSR20U / DSR20U the lamp for lighting of LSR01 mines with SDL (LED)
Lamp DSR19U Lamp FSR20U, DSR20U Lamp LSR01 with LED
LED lamp LSR01 with CFL (CFL)    
Lamp LSR01 with CFL    

Vatra Corporation - a leader in the production of lighting in Ukraine and the CIS countries, offers services in the installation and design of industrial lighting of mines. Our specialists with many years of experience will develop a suitable individual project for you.

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