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Trunk lighting

The sun's rays are the perfect light source to allow the human eye to explore the surrounding area in the smallest detail. However, unfortunately, natural lighting is not always available - it is not available in the dark. Then come the help of human-created technology - systems of external lighting.

The main task of the lighting system is to ensure the safety of people and vehicles in the dark. Road lighting is very important not only in the city but also outside the city. The exception is the correct illumination of highways, where traffic is much more intense.

Proper road lighting is a guarantee of traffic safety. Highway lighting is a national task.

trunk lights

Traffic on the highways does not subside for a minute. This applies to day time and nothing less than night time. On the highways of the country, heavy-duty trucks usually travel around the clock. High-quality illumination of highways is a priority area, which is intended to solve problems of cargo flow of state scale. Design engineers who install such lighting equipment have the difficult task of providing highways with the safest possible movement.

Professional lighting of the highways is carried out by means of lamps with an optical system of the direction of light flux. Road illumination by light scattering lamps is inadmissible. The second mandatory requirement for luminaires is their durability. The third is economy.

There is a set of technical requirements for A1 class roads, that is, for highways. They are roughly the following:

  • luminous flux - up to 28 thousand LM;
  • average horizontal illumination of the coating - 20 LK;
  • average luminance of the canvas - up to 1.6 cd/m2

Luminaires must meet the specified parameters with minimum errors. It is worth noting here the widespread use of sodium lamps, which are most often installed on the sidelines of large roads. And let them give proper indicators, highway lighting costs the state budget quite expensive. And all because DNAT lamps consume a significant amount of energy: about 400 watts at the above rates.

Trunk lights

An ideal alternative to high-speed highway lighting would be street LED lights.

Advantages of LED lamps:

  • Long service life
  • Better resistance to temperature and humidity.
  • The qualitative spectrum.
  • Lower power consumption at similar light levels.
  • Stable light (The spectrum is clear, without flickering or oscillations of light waves).
  • Safety and maintenance (LEDs do not have special operational requirements. They continue to operate stably, as the lamps have dual LED protection, which guarantees its high efficiency. There are no harmful substances inside the source).

When replacing backlighting, it should be remembered that such a process is quite difficult and costly, so the route lighting should be trusted by reliable, trusted companies. Vatra Corporation - one of the largest manufacturers of light products, has long established itself in this segment of the market. Our specialists will develop a project in the shortest possible time, following all the rules and recommendations and will help to implement it.

Pay attention to our luminaires that can be used to illuminate highways:

LED main luminaire The lamp for illumination of highways Trunk lamps
DKU41U lamp (street) The DTU18U lamp DSU10V lamp
Trunk Lamp LED lamps for highways Autonomous LED solar system
DSU05U lamp DSU05U-25-1-714 "STICK" Autonomous LED solar system
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