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Lighting fixture is used: - for lighting squares and other open spaces, streets, roads, parkings, architectural buildings, billboards, etc.; - for lighting industrial, transport and agricultural objects; - for lighting industrial, commercial, agricultural and other premises, warehouses of hazardous areas 22 and fire risk classes.
Technical specifications
Protection class IEC (DSTU ІЕС 60598-1:2002) Safety class I
Power Factor Correction (PFC) 0,95...0,98
Correlated Color Temp (ССТ) 4000К (на замовлення 2700...7000К)
Mech. impact protection code (GOST 30631-99) М1
Input voltage (nominal), V 12 АС, 12 DC, 24 АС, 24 DС, 36 AC, 36 DC, 220 AC, 220 DC
IP Rating IР66
Ambient temperature range -40°С...+40°С (У1) (на замовлення до +80°С)
Light source LEDs
Power, W 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 55, 60, 72, 75, 77, 80, 100, 110, 120, 125, 150, 160, 200, 240, 300, 450, 600
  • a wide choice of mounting options allows you to set the lights to almost any load-bearing structures;
  • wide range of options for curves of intensity allows to obtain high-quality and comfortable lighting;
  • a wide selection of lamps for power and luminous flux, as well as custom made according to customer's requirements;
  • selection of lamps relative to the working AC voltage 24V, 36V, 220V voltage and DC 24V;
  • has a construction with two, three or four lighting devices integrated in a single design with adjustable lighting direction;
  • comes with attached cable length of up to 1000mm, greatly simplified wiring;the
  • custom: vibration of structures (group of mechanical performance M3 / M6 / M9);
  • colour: correlated colour temperature in accordance with the requirements of the customer;
  • source of light - energy efficient LEDs - energy efficiency class "A++"! more than 50 000 hours of continuous work, ecological harmless, don't need special recycling (without mercury), instant light on/light off, stable to change of voltage, multiple on/off, high colour rendering; no harmful effect of low-frequency pulses, no UV radiation;
  • smooth integration, as well as protection against overheating and burnout can extend the led lifespan;
  • electronic components and LEDs exclusively leading manufacturers;
  • a high degree paleologist, fireproof, high mechanical strength;
  • weather-resistant and has a long service life.


Body parts: extruded anodized aluminum profile, model "-315" sheet aluminum.
light-transparent protective element - 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 or 12pcs. in a lighting device (option):
  • optical lens - heat resistant glass,
  • candybar lenses secondary optics - polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).
mounting Lira (option): steel products.
Mounting brackets (option): steel products.
Driver: the built-in electronic power supply Mean Well or VATRA or Philips.
Cable entry: 1pc.
Package included: lamp with led light source and attached cable (L = 1m) with the terminal block.

LIGHT SOURCE: LEDs Seoul Semiconductor or Vossloh Schwabe.
  • (1.1) on a support surface with Lira - a lighting fixture.
  • (1.2) on the support surface using a Lira or two, three or four lighting devices, United in a single structure.
  • (2) on the support surface with the mounting strap or two, three or four lighting devices, United in a single structure.
  • (3) on the support surface using special brackets - one light.
  • (4.1, 4.2, 5) on the cantilever pipe Ø48...50mm - single lighting fixture.

Electrical connection: individual cable Ø6...12 mm (cross-section 1,5...4 mm2).
VATRA DSU05У-120-1-511 U1 (M3 shakeproof, CCT 4000 K) explanations for the symbols:
"VATRA" - producer

"DSU05У-" - the type and serial number of the lamp

"-120-" - power led light source, W

"-1-" - the quantity of lighting fixtures.

"-511" - modification lamp
decrypt modification:
1 digit • type of the transparent protective element, type lihgt
0- glass optical lens, concentrated
1- glass optical lens, deep
2- glass optical lens, napvilag
3- glass optical lens, wide
4- piece lenses secondary optics, concentrated
5- piece lens secondary optics, deep
6- piece lens secondary optics, napvilag
7- piece lenses secondary optics, wide
8- backup number
9- backup number

figure 2 • the parameters of the power supply:
1- AC, 220V
2- DC 24V
3- AC, 24V
4- AC, 36V

figure 3 • editing (feature):
1- with the help of Lyra (extruded body) (Fig. 1.1, 1.2)
2- on the supporting surface using the mounting strip (extruded body, only for integral lamps) (Fig. 2)
3- support surface using brackets (extruded body) (Fig. 3)
4- on the console tube (extruded body) (Fig. 4.1, 4.2)
5- on the console tube (stamped housing with a glass optical lens) (Fig. 5)

"U1" climatic performance U, placement category 1

"(shakeproof M3, CCT 4000 K)" - data that are specified when ordering
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