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Exterior lighting areas

Purpose of outdoor lighting areas

Today, the external illumination of the territories is one of the most important elements of the well-being and improvement of settlements. It is used for lighting of parks, yards and streets, roads, stadiums, sports grounds, open areas of industrial enterprises, warehouses, terminals, gas stations, bus stations, railway stations and many other objects of public importance.

In addition, the external illumination of the territory is not only a factor of well-being, first and foremost, it is to ensure the safety of citizens in the dark. If necessary, the external illumination of the area can be equipped with infrared or motion sensors, which will significantly save on energy costs.

Exterior lighting areas

Outdoor lighting project

Vatra Corporation - a leader in the production of lighting in Ukraine and the CIS countries, offers services in the installation and design of outdoor lighting territories. Our experts with many years of experience will develop an individual project for you, according to all your requirements and wishes.

If you have your own outdoor lighting project and do not know how to put it into practice, then you are welcome to visit us too. Vatra has a wealth of experience working with clients and their ideas, proven by quality and time.

We offer a wide range of outdoor LED luminaires designed for modern technology.

Exterior LED lighting

Exterior LED street lighting has received universal recognition. Its important feature is the absence of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, which harms your plants.

Another mega criterion is that the LED lamps have a lifetime of thirty years.

The main purpose of outdoor lighting is to provide comfortable conditions in the dark. Each of the public areas has its own lighting requirements and features.

Contact us about the coverage of the territories and do not regret your choice!

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