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Lighting for playgrounds

Topicality of lighting of children's playgrounds

Lighting of any settlement, public object or anything else is to provide comfortable living conditions for its inhabitants. And when it comes to the playground, safety and comfort should be a top priority.

Lighting for children's playgrounds

Quite often, consumers generally underestimate the value of artificial light sources on playgrounds. They believe that such rest areas are only relevant in the daytime, when there is natural lighting, and at night there is no one at the playgrounds. However, this is far from true.

Playground lighting is essential at any time of the day. First of all, it is to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere of a place that wants to spend time, a place that wants to stay longer. This is especially true in the hot summer, when parents with their children go outside in the evening as the heat drops.

In addition, additional modern lighting will protect against possible cases of hooliganism, will create additional comfortable conditions for those who are forced to be outdoors in the dark. This is especially true in the fall and winter, when the day gets shorter and, for example, people come back from work, children go out of school and both pass through the playground.

Basic requirements for artificial lighting of playgrounds:

  • provide good visibility necessary for the comfortable placement of children and their parents in the equipped area;
  • to provide a level of light sufficient for visual observation of children;
  • provide a level of visibility that makes it impossible to injure a child, injure or fall due to too low light;
  • create conditions that prevent criminogenic situations;
  • to be absolutely safe for people present and not to provoke a biological threat to a small organism.

An alternative to modern LED lighting

Lighting for children's playgrounds

A great alternative to creating lighting on the playground will be the modern LED LED lamps. They successfully combined energy efficiency and energy efficiency, which was not important for the city budget. In addition, they are easy to install, require no additional maintenance costs, and are durable environmentally friendly.

LED lamps (floodlights) have high power at low power costs. Their wide range allows you to choose a specific model for a specific situation (taking into account the area of ​​the playground, its occupancy of children's attractions, etc.).

LED lamps have excellent shock and moisture-repellent properties, as they are designed to stand outdoors in all weathers and seasons.

And, last but not least, LED lighting has a wonderful aesthetic appearance, allows you to embody creative ideas. And this is very important for the audience that the playground is designed for - children.

In the catalog of the Vatra company directory you will find a wide range of outdoor LED lamps, spotlights. We will help in the shortest possible time to properly design the lighting for the playground of any complexity, taking into account all rules and wishes.

The type of lighting varies with the size and zoning of the playground. Our specialists are always ready to come to the aid and develop an individual project for your tasks.

For full lighting can be used:

  • floodlights and masts that are installed on entrances to the site or building;
  • trunk lights, mounted around the perimeter of the territory and creating uniform illumination from different angles;
  • special built-in equipment for lighting lanes and lanes;
  • flowerbeds for illumination of decorative elements, statues, landscape compositions.

The elements can be combined with each other, creating a true ensemble, providing not only security but also high decorative of the territory.

Take a look at our lights that can be used to illuminate children's playgrounds:

The DSU10B lamp for lighting of children's playgrounds The DSU05U lamp for lighting of the areas, streets DSU05U-25-1-714 STICK lamp
DSU10V lamp DSU05U lamp DSU05U-25-1-714 STICK lamp
The DTU18U lamp for lighting of streets, highways LED lamp for lighting sidewalks, parking lots Autonomous LED solar system
The DTU18U lamp DKU41U lamp (street) Autonomous LED solar system
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