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Lighting of explosive zones

Lighting of explosive zones

Lighting of explosive zones - a special type of lighting that has found its application in many industries: textile, chemical, industries engaged in the extraction and processing of oil, gas, wood processing, and others. The use of flammable substances and mixtures in them creates favorable conditions for explosions and fires. That is why the electrical equipment used in such industries has its own special requirements. These norms are enshrined in various documents.

Considering the class of explosion and fire hazard of the room, it is recommended to use various types of vibration protection lamps that have a specific level of protection for a specific situation. Failure to comply with these requirements or to place lighting equipment in inaccessible areas, which will make it more difficult to control them, can lead to dangerous situations.

Given all of the above, the project lighting in hazardous locations must strictly take into account the specifics of the enterprise, peculiarities of technological processes and characteristics of combustibles, and really assess the level of risk.

Every self-respecting company will allow itself to incur certain material costs for the purchase of appropriate lighting equipment and complex electrical work, because safety is above all. In addition, such an investment is justified in any case, because the cost of lighting will be much lower than the losses that will have to be incurred in the event of an explosion or fire and the elimination of their consequences.

Lighting of explosive zones

Classification of explosion-proof lighting equipment

The explosion hazard of the zone is determined by the probability of accumulation of gas-vapor-dust-air compounds with the ability to explode when in contact with the ignition source. And the risk of fire is caused, respectively, by the storage and use of various combustible mixtures and substances in it. According to the lighting requirements that allow the use of certain types of equipment for lighting in explosive areas, lamps are divided into 3 classes according to the level of protection from explosion:

  • 2-high reliability equipment, which is guaranteed only in normal operation;
  • 1-equipment protected from explosion during normal operation and in case of some damage;
  • 0-absolutely explosion-proof devices with special explosion protection.

Explosion-proof lamps used in explosive areas may have additional types of protection: a waterproof shell, intrinsically safe electrical circuit, oil or quartz filling of the shell, control of the ignition source, protection of the shell from dangerous dust environments, and so on.

All the points listed above guarantee trouble - free operation of light sources in areas, buildings, and premises where a fire or explosion may occur.

Selection of lamps for lighting in hazardous areas

When selecting lighting in explosive areas, it is necessary to take into account that enhanced protection measures (grids, grilles, strong glass) have a bad effect on the determining parameters of the light flux: reduce efficiency, reduce power. To avoid loss of lighting efficiency, you need to carefully choose the appropriate lighting fixtures.

Depending on the class of explosion or fire hazard zone for which the equipment is selected, it must have a certain minimum degree of protection.

For example, rooms of CLASS B-II and B-IIa require installation of lamps with increased reliability, and for zone B-I – with maximum vibuhobezpechnistyu.

There is also often a need for portable lighting, usually in hard-to-reach places. Here it is worth remembering that portable lamps in fire-hazardous areas of any class must have a degree of protection of at least IP54; glass caps must be protected by a metal mesh.

Proper selection of lamps, spotlights and lamps for lighting in explosive areas – a guarantee of complete protection from the occurrence of critical situations.

VATRA Corporation - the leader in the production of lighting equipment in Ukraine and the CIS countries, offers a wide range of explosion-proof equipment for lighting of explosive zones of different classes. Here you will find: lamps of different capacities, with different light sources, different groups and temperature classes, which allows the customer to comprehensively solve all lighting issues.

We offer: lamps with gas-discharge lamps; powerful lamps for high rooms(up to 12 meters); linear fluorescent explosion-proof lamps; vibuzahischeni led lamps (the only ones in Ukraine); explosion-proof floodlights, etc.

In addition, VATRA is the only manufacturer in Ukraine that produces explosion-proof lamps of the I group, for lighting mines and mines with the level of explosion protection of Rvehdi.

Contact us, and our specialists will develop a project for you on individual lighting of explosive zones, taking into account all the norms and your wishes!

Take a look at our luminaires that can be used to illuminate hazardous areas of class 1:

The K76VEkh (1EX) lamp for illumination of explosive zones The DSP11VEkh lamp for lighting of fire-hazardous zones Explosion-proof LED lamp DSP21VEh
K76VEkh (1EX) lamp The DSP11VEkh lamp The DSP21VEKh lamp
The DSP19UEkh lamp for the general lighting of explosive zones Explosion-proof LED lamp DSP18Veh Searchlight DSP18UEh, LSP18UEh (emergency) for ensuring uninterrupted lighting of explosive zones
Lamp DSP19UEh Lamp DSP18Veh Searchlight DSP18UEh, LSP18UEh (emergency)

Luminaires for lighting explosive areas of class 2:


Explosion-proof LED lamp of protection level 2Exhn Explosion-proof LED lamp to illuminate an explosive area LED lamp for emergency lighting of explosive areas
The DSP23V2Ekh lamp The DSP57U2Ekh lamp The DSP59U2Ekh lamp
The DSP56U2Ekh lamp for emergency lighting of an explosive zone The K74U2Ex lamp for illumination of an explosive zone of a class 2 The DBP59V2Ekh lamp for the general lighting and illumination
The DSP56U2Ekh lamp K74U2Ex lamp The DBP59V2Ekh lamp
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