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Lighting of underground parking lots, parking lots, parking lots

In today's world, where the car has become a must-have attribute for virtually every family, there is an urgent question about parking, because space is not enough for everyone. The ideal solution to this problem is the construction of underground parking lots, parking lots, parking lots.

Underground parking is just a godsend for a city where it's harder to find a place for your car. Until 2019, underground parking in Ukraine is not very popular, dominated only in large shopping centers and non-residential buildings, which was due to the prohibition of legislation on the construction of underground parking in residential high-rises. However, since June 1, 2019, everything has changed - this ban has lost its validity and the issue of underground parking is becoming more relevant.

With the growth of parking lots and parking spaces, the need for high-quality lighting is growing, because if you only need a regular park light in the dark, the most modest parking will have to be lit around the clock.

underground parking lots

Lighting underground parking

The safety of drivers who leave their cars here depends primarily on the quality of the underground parking lighting. Every part of the territory is obliged to be well lit - this will not only avoid emergencies, but also save cars from "not clean on hand" people.

LED fixtures perfectly cope with the task of illuminating underground parking lots. They dissipate a bright and powerful light stream, for a long time do not require replacement, which saves the customer's money.

Manufacturers of state-of-the-art LED lighting offer models that can be selected for installation with regard to the area of ​​the room, temperature, vibration level and dust. Luminaires at low power consumption provide a uniform distribution of the flow of light, regardless of the height of the parking ceiling. Intelligent lighting control is used to quickly navigate the underground parking lot with a large number of parking spaces. Above the parking space there is a red LED light, above the free zone - green. There can be many such decisions.

lighting of underground parking lots

Products Fire for lighting underground parking lots

Vatra is the first and largest domestic manufacturer of lighting equipment in Ukraine with more than 60 years of experience in the professional market, offering high quality energy-saving LED products to solve the problem of illumination of underground parking lots, parking lots, parking lots.

You can pay attention to the following products, including:

Lamp DBU01V, JBU1V, LBU01V Lamp DBB, LBB, NBB Selena DBО01VSP, DBО02VSP (emergency)
Lamp DBU01V, JBU1V, LBU01V Lamp DBB, LBB, NBB Selena Lamp DBО01VSP, DBО02VSP (emergency)
Lamp DSP46U Lamp DPP07V Lamp DPP05V, LPP05V
Lamp DSP46U Lamp DPP07V Lamp DPP05V, LPP05V
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