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Lighting (illumination) of pedestrian crossings

Pedestrian lighting is an extremely important issue, since the safety of all road users depends on the quality of the light and the reliability of the lighting.

Lighting (illumination) of pedestrian crossings

It is no secret that the problem of unlighted roads, pedestrian crossings in particular - takes dozens of lives every day. Every third traffic accident involves a pedestrian. The main reason for the accident is poor visibility, and it is difficult for drivers at night and night to notice the pedestrian and the pedestrian crossing, despite the presence of a traffic sign. The installation of LED lighting will reduce the number of crossings on pedestrian crossings. And most importantly - the pedestrian crossing will be visible from afar

Thin and thoughtful work - to illuminate the pedestrian crossing so that passing drivers can clearly see pedestrians in the dark. Placing the lamp directly above the pedestrian crossing is not a good solution. It is necessary to create a visible contrast between the pedestrian crossing and the road surface. This is achieved through the use of asymmetric light distribution, which ensures a high vertical illumination level of the pedestrian from the driver's side. At the same time, the pedestrian crossing itself receives a high horizontal illumination level, so that it can be seen from long distances.

The pedestrian lighting LED system will help solve completely the problems faced by both pedestrians and amateurs to spend a few hours driving. These problems include: lack of lighting, low light, lack of light contrast (lack of pedestrian visibility supplemented by glare and dazzle from street lighting) and dazzling lighting (street lighting is directed towards an approaching driver).

Lighting for pedestrian crossings should primarily ensure the visibility of pedestrians on the roadway for vehicle drivers. Requirements for the lighting of pedestrian crossings are given in Table.1.

Table 1. Values of average and minimum illumination for ground pedestrian crossings

  Еg average, no less than Еg min, no less than
Commercial and industrial areas 30 lx 15 lx
Residential areas 20 lx 6 lx

When highlighting pedestrian crossings with beacons or special light signs on each side and on the central island, they must be installed at a height of 2-3 m above the roadway.
The brightness of these devices must be at least 300 cd / m2. The permissible flashing frequency is 40-60 flashes per minute. To warn both drivers and pedestrians, it is recommended to use color-contrasting lighting in the crossing area.
The value of the average horizontal illumination for underground and overground pedestrian crossings are given in Table 2.

In underground pedestrian crossings, luminaires with a protective angle of at least 15 ° or with diffuse diffusers must be used.

Table 2. The value of the average and minimum illumination for underground and ground pedestrian crossings

Object Average horizontal illumination, lx
Underground pedestrian tunnels 75
Stairs to underground pedestrian tunnels in the evening and at night 20
Closed pedestrian crossings with transparent walls and ceilings, in the evening and at night 75
Staircases and observation decks of closed pedestrian bridge crossings with transparent 50

The use of products of street lighting (backlight) of the company Vatra allows to achieve high efficiency of illumination of pedestrian crossings at low energy costs. Our fixtures are inspected by the streets and by time.

DSU07U-120 Crossing crosswalk lights lamp ДСУ10В
Lamp DSU07U-120 Crossing Lamp ДТУ18У Lamp ДСУ10В
lamp for pedestrian crossings DKU41U Lamp ДСУ05У  
Lamp ДКУ41У (street) Lamp ДСУ05У  
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