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Outdoor lighting - we understand the terms

Professionals of lighting engineering are engaged in drawing up of documentation on the projects according to which the organization of complexes of external lighting is carried out. They use special terms that are familiar with current regulations and standards. Customers set the technical task for design engineers. Buyers of lighting poles should understand what we are talking about, be able to use the terminology for the correct presentation of the vehicle and their wishes to the specialists in the installation of lighting equipment and its manufacturer.

Outdoor lighting - understanding the terms

Familiarity with the terms helps all parties to communicate effectively with each other during project development and implementation.

The following definitions are most often used in the field of outdoor lighting systems:

  • Support. Steel structure having a hollow trunk in the form of a cone or pyramid. In cross section, the support can have a different shape: a circle or a polyhedron. Seamless solid pipes or sheets are used to make the structure. The material is carbon steel. The cavity available inside allows to connect lamps to wires secretly and provides ease of support. The choice of these structures must be made based on the specification specified in the project. Currently, manufacturers of rolled products produce a number of similar designs with different parameters.
  • Corps. The main support element that holds the light fixtures located on the bracket, and transmitting the load from them to the base. The steel supports, in contrast to the reinforced concrete versions, have a cavity inside the housing in which the wires are located. This makes it possible to use underground cables to connect to the mains. The steel chosen as a material allows to prolong service life to half a century. To prevent corrosion processes, the surface of the housing is galvanized hot.
  • Bracket. Part used to attach the lamp to the head of the housing. The use of brackets allows professionals to change the direction of light. Devices are radial and radial, decorative and utilitarian. Brackets are used to mount spotlights or lamps. The design documentation allows to be defined with a choice of arms.
  • ZDF. Mortgage elements used for mounting flange supports. The parts are screwed to a flange (square or round) welded to the bottom of the structure. Thanks to this method of installation it is easiest to carry out alignment and dismantling. When installing upright versions of ZDF supports are not used.
  • Console. Element for the foundation, which allows you to install the structure by shifting its central axis relative to the mounting point of the foundation part.

Where you can order the development of an outdoor lighting project

If you need to design a system of external lighting of the object and choose equipment for it, contact our company. Our team of employees will assist in the formulation of the terms of reference and will compile the necessary project documentation.

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