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Street lighting in the village

Street lighting of villages and small settlements has its own specifics, and differs significantly from urban. Compared to the city, where night lights are turned on every night, street lamps are lit along roads, streets, parks, in rural areas the situation is not so rosy. There is no such intensive traffic and human flow, however, there is a need to ensure safety and a certain level of comfort with the onset of darkness.

Street lighting in rural areas should solve a number of problems:

  • Dangers of dark streets. Due to the lack of quality street lighting and paved roads in the dark it is possible to stumble, fall and provide a dislocation or fracture.
  • Deterioration of the criminogenic situation. It is more comfortable for criminals of all kinds to commit criminal acts in the dark.
  • Difficulties with the development of small businesses and the entertainment industry in rural areas. In the evenings, when villagers sit at home, the demand for goods and services drops significantly.
  • A significant percentage of accidents occur in the dark. Lack of lighting makes the road very dangerous for people and animals who are disoriented and may suddenly jump under the wheels of the car.

Lighting of rural streets and roads differs from urban ones, first of all, in that the former do not have the ability to install very complex lighting systems. Even the usual replacement of a burnt out light bulb creates problems, because, as a rule, specialists need to be called from the district center.

lighting in the village

Today, incandescent lamps used for outdoor lighting can still be found in villages. Despite their cheapness, this choice can not be called rational, because such lamps do not differ in energy saving or service life.

For villages where access to repair crews is difficult or they have to wait a long time, the best solution would be to use LED technology.

The use of LED lamps has a number of advantages:

  • wear resistance - service life reaches 15 years of continuous and 25 years of night use;
  • efficiency - electricity consumption is halved;
  • strength of the structure - the range of operating temperatures ranges from -60 to +45 degrees Celsius;
  • reliability - ensures the continuity of the entire lighting system, even in the event of failure of one LED.

However, the price of LED street lamps is much higher than other types of lighting.
Given the short life of obsolete equipment and the rapid payback of outdoor LED luminaires, local administrations should take a course to modernize the lighting system. This will give a new impetus to the development of modern rural infrastructure.

For example, in the villages of Smyha, Mykolaivka, Bushcha and Shepetyn (Rivne region), the issue of street lighting has been pragmatically addressed. The leadership of the community turned to the specialists of Vatra Corporation, who specialize in the organization of lighting in rural areas. As a result of the project implementation, 475 cantilever street lamps with a 5-year warranty were installed and put into operation. Their maximum total electricity consumption is 23.7 kW per hour. 118 units consume the same power. luminaires equipped with DRL lamps 200W. Thus, at the same cost managed to illuminate a much larger area.


So, if your village has not yet solved the problem of street lighting - contact us! We will help 100%!

Take a look at our cantilever luminaires, which are already successfully used to illuminate rural streets:

The street console DSU05U lamp (CITY / CITY + NEMA7) for OTG lighting The DSU05U CITY / CITY + NEMA 7 lamp for lighting resp Console lamp DSU05U "MAX STICK" for OTG
Street lamp DSU05U (CITY/ CITY+NEMA7) Street lamp DSU05U CITY/CITY+NEMA 7 Street lamp DSU05U «MAX STICK»
OTG lighting. Street console lamp DKU41U (street). Console lamp DSU10V for street lighting OTG LED console lamp for OTG - DSU05U
Street lamp DKU41U (street) Street lamp DSU10V Street lamp DSU05U
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