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Lighting in agriculture and farming

In recent years, much attention has been paid to energy conservation around the world. The introduction of resource-saving technologies in production, reducing electricity costs, reducing the load on the grid have a positive impact on the economy of individual enterprises and the country as a whole.

Modern LED lighting is an undisputed breakthrough in the global lighting process. The spheres of agriculture and farming are no exception. Its use in animal husbandry has become a guarantee of prosperity and prosperity.

In our previous articles you had the opportunity to get acquainted with all the benefits of LED lighting of livestock facilities, cattle farms. We were convinced that well-designed lighting of the livestock complex not only supports the efficiency of the enterprise during periods of reduced daylight hours, but also helps to increase the productivity of animals at other times, their effective reproduction and prevention of various diseases.

lighting of livestock premises, farms

If we talk about what should be the lighting of piggeries, pig farms, the LED light sources also occupy an important place here and contribute only to the positive dynamics of such business, help create the optimal level of artificial lighting, which is necessary for proper animal life.

It is very important that LED luminaires are endowed with the required degree of dust and moisture protection and can operate smoothly at any temperature.

lighting of piggeries, pig farms

Let us also mention the lighting of poultry farms, poultry houses - one of the most common branches of animal husbandry in the modern world. LED lamps have also been noted for their positive aspects, because the artificial lighting created with their help contributes to the well-being of birds, their maximum productivity, as well as comfortable working conditions for poultry workers. Industrial LED lamps are simply indispensable in use for lighting incubators.

LED lighting of poultry farms, poultry houses

As for the plant world, a modern greenhouse is also impossible to imagine without the use of special lighting systems, because natural light is not always enough for the excellent growth of crops. And here, too, comes to the aid of artificial LED lighting.

LED lighting in greenhouses has a number of advantages: energy savings, light flux stability, no high starting currents, low heat dissipation, long service life, the ability to adjust the intensity and spectrum of lighting, flexibility in adapting to the geometry of the room and others.

greenhouse lighting

We remind you that in our catalog you will find a wide range of industrial LED lamps, floodlights for lighting the premises of agriculture and farming. Our specialists will develop for you in the shortest possible time a quality lighting project for greenhouses, piggeries, pig farms, cowsheds, poultry farms, poultry houses, taking into account all the rules and wishes. Using our services, you will feel the positive dynamics in your business in a short time.

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