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Lighting of livestock premises, farms

Requirements for lighting of livestock premises, farms

Livestock is a branch of agriculture that breeds farm animals for the production of livestock products.

Light plays an important role in this difficult matter. Under the action of natural light improves the physiological state of animals, increases the natural resistance of their body, reproductive capacity and productivity. The lack of light, especially pronounced in the autumn-winter period, inevitably leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the livestock complex. The solution to this problem is the use of artificial lighting. Competently designed lighting of the livestock complex not only supports the efficiency of the enterprise during periods of reducing the length of daylight, but also increases the productivity of animals at other times. In addition, the quality of lighting directly affects the comfort and safety of the working environment for humans.

Lighting of livestock premises, farms

The area of ​​lighting of livestock facilities, farms is the following features:

  • In addition to a high degree of protection against dust and moisture, lamps on livestock farms must have high resistance to chemically aggressive environments. This feature is associated with the release of ammonia vapors in the premises and periodic preventive treatments with disinfectants and pesticides;
  • The design of luminaires must provide for the possibility of easy cleaning from dust and dirt by pressure washing, without dismantling the light source;
  • Automated light control systems, especially in poultry farms, require high resistance of lamps to multiple on and off;
  • It has been experimentally proven that it is desirable to organize the night mode of cowsheds with the help of lighting devices with a red spectrum of light emission.
  • Lamps should be economical, as lighting is used literally around the clock.

LED lighting systems fully meet all the above features and requirements for lamps of livestock complexes.

Advantages of LED systems

Lighting of livestock premises, farms

Lighting of livestock farms with LED light sources, represented by LED bulbs of different power, lamps, floodlights, has a number of significant advantages over traditional systems, based on incandescent lamps or fluorescent light sources:

  • through installation of the main LED systems on the basis of linear fixtures allows to reduce expenses for its organization essentially;
  • the absence of the effect of flicker and instantaneous start have a positive effect on the well-being and development of animals;
  • high resistance to vibrations and mechanical damage provide long service life of a design of the lamp;
  • environmental safety of lighting devices does not require special measures for their disposal;
  • low-voltage power supply systems of LEDs guarantee safety of personnel from electric shock;
  • the luminous flux of LED lamps is stable over time and does not show a decrease during the entire service life;
  • the mode of repeated switching on-off does not affect durability of fixtures, unlike fluorescent light sources and incandescent lamps;
  • the possibility of completing the lamps with an emergency power supply does not require additional costs for the creation of an emergency lighting system.
  • economy of LED-lamps allows to save from 30% to 50% of the electric power.

So, summing up, we can say with confidence that LEDs are a ready-made technical solution for even such a complex business as farming. Moreover, it is absolutely fair to say that the efficiency of LED-elements is now even higher than in the forces of nature, if measured in quantitative terms of the product!

Contact us, our specialists will help in the shortest possible time to develop for you a suitable project for lighting livestock facilities, farms, taking into account all the requirements and wishes!

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