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Lighting for OTG

Decentralization of power has had a positive effect on the economic situation and the development of the newly created united territorial communities (OTG). Issues that had not been resolved for years began to be resolved. One such issue is OTG coverage.

Lighting in villages and settlements by its nature is quite specific and radically different from the city. If in some settlements there is no, for example, architectural and park lighting, in some - it is not at all.

With the advent of OTG, this vector has changed. Now the local government independently allocates funds from the budget for lighting of villages that are part of the community. And it is no secret that the established system of street lighting - one of the most important components in the work of the village council, indicates its efficiency and well-being.

The OTG lighting plan is aimed primarily at the rational use of funds and is implemented in two ways: the first - the reconstruction of existing street lighting (installation of new energy-saving LED lamps in place of incandescent lamps and DRL); the second - lighting of still not illuminated territories (by the same LED-lamps).

Lighting for OTG

Advantages of installing LED lighting in OTG:

  • high service life;
  • efficiency of energy consumption;
  • environmental safety (do not emit harmful substances, including - ultraviolet radiation);
  • resistance to mechanical influences thanks to the case from aluminum and strong plastic;
  • a wide range of working temperatures -60… + 40 ° C; no stroboscopic effect (flicker);
  • instant start and exit to the operating mode on illumination;
  • no high currents during start-up;
  • the spectrum of radiation is close to sunlight, which improves the perception of colors;
  • modern beautiful design of lamps;
  • ease of maintenance.

What does Vatra-Zapad offer?

Vatra-Zapad Corporation offers complex lighting solutions for OTG. Highly qualified lighting technicians will audit the existing lighting as soon as possible, advise on the modernization of lighting fixtures, show ready-made lighting concepts or offer completely new ones, taking into account all your wishes. We will carry out high-quality visualization of projects (you will see in advance how everything will look like). We will provide service warranty and post-warranty service.

Dominant features of Vatra products:

  • All Vatra lighting equipment has been manufactured in Ukraine since 2006.
  • Components of exclusively European production are used for the production of LED lamps, luminaires, floodlights, systems for indoor and outdoor lighting, which guarantees high quality and reliability.
  • Fire products are certified, have an energy efficiency class not lower than A +, meet the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine.
  • Own production allows you to quickly meet requests, make unique products, offer competitive prices.

So, if your OTG has not yet solved the problem of street lighting in the community - contact us! We will help 100%!

The street console DSU05U lamp (CITY / CITY + NEMA7) for OTG lighting The DSU05U CITY / CITY + NEMA 7 lamp for lighting resp Console lamp DSU05U "MAX STICK" for OTG
Street lamp DSU05U (CITY/ CITY+NEMA7) Street lamp DSU05U CITY/CITY+NEMA 7 Street lamp DSU05U «MAX STICK»
OTG lighting. Street console lamp DKU41U (street). Console lamp DSU10V for street lighting OTG LED console lamp for OTG - DSU05U
Street lamp DKU41U (street) Street lamp DSU10V Street lamp DSU05U
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