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Car wash lighting

The problem of carwash lighting

Carwash lighting, which at first glance seems like a simple task, in the process of its creation is quite complicated. These difficulties are related to a number of adverse factors. The main task is to provide good lighting in conditions of 100% humidity.

In addition to the fact that the luminaire must be well protected from moisture, it is necessary to create conditions that make it impossible to seal the luminaire or underwater wires. Breakage of the wire, broken glass or ruined lamp body carry a huge risk of electric car worker being injured.

Another major issue is the problem of condensation on the diffused glass of the LED fixture and as a consequence of diminishing the illumination of the room or the car wash area if the car wash is open.

The use of waterproof luminaires for car washes helps to cope with emerging problems and economically organize justified lighting car washes with the necessary degree of safety.

Car wash lighting

The task of carwash lighting

The tasks that are involved in the organization of car wash lighting are related, first of all, to the specifics of its work - high humidity, the presence of corrosive environments and round-the-clock operation.

The main tasks of the process:

  • creation of a sufficient and comfortable level of illumination (the level is recommended not less than 150 lux (preferably 300-500), and in polishing places not less than 750 lux);
  • round-the-clock work consisting in the continuous consumption of electricity, which highlights the economic parameters of the system;
  • safe lighting (light should be not only comfortable but also safe from the point of view of protection against electric shock and ensuring technological processes).

Requirements for car wash fixtures

Car wash lighting

According to sanitary norms, car washes belong to the type of premises containing a considerable amount of vapors of harmful substances, which in contact with moisture form a weakly aggressive environment. To protect against this and other factors, the following requirements are required for lighting equipment:

  • the degree of protection of the lamp against dust and moisture must not be less than IP65;
  • mechanical strength of luminaires - their resistance when exposed to foreign objects (hoses, washing guns, other equipment);
  • compliance of the lamp of the 1st class of protection against electric shock;
  • the absence of dazzling effects achieved by the use of opaque light diffusers of monolithic materials;
  • Portable lamps with a voltage not exceeding 50 volts are often used to clean the cabin. For this purpose wall lamps with a light source rotation unit are recommended.

As for the organization of quality service, it is also worth mentioning the lighting requirements for the reception and polishing areas. They are slightly different. In addition to the previously specified 750 lux illumination level, the following parameters should be taken into account in these zones: illumination ratio; color rendering index; light source ripple ratio; a generalized indicator of discomfort.

Conclusion: in all areas of car wash needed lighting devices that are resistant to moisture, hot steam, have excellent electrical protection, made of durable materials, energy-efficient. A great option is industrial LED lighting designed by experts.

Vatra specialists will develop a car wash lighting project in the shortest possible time, adhering to all norms and recommendations and help to bring it to life.

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