Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is divided into:

  • evacuation lighting;
  • backup lighting.

Evacuation lighting is divided into:

Emergency lighting is connected to a power source that is independent of the power supply of the working lighting.
The color rendering index Ra of the emergency light sources used shall be at least 40.

Evacuation lighting must ensure the safe exit of people from the room in the event of an emergency, such as failure of work lighting, fire, etc.

Requirements for emergency lighting

Lighting of evacuation routes should ensure the creation of acceptable visual conditions for the evacuation of people from the building, and for places of work outside the building - in a safe place, while creating conditions for reliable detection of safety equipment and firefighting equipment.

Lighting of evacuation routes must be provided for at least 1 hour:

  • 50% of normalized illumination in 5 seconds after power failure of working lighting;
  • 100% normalized light after 60 s.

Lighting of evacuation routes in premises or places of performance of works outside houses should be:

  • before each evacuation exit;
  • in corridors and passages on evacuation routes;
  • in places of change (difference) of level of a floor or a covering;
  • on the stairs, each march should be illuminated by direct light, especially the upper and lower steps;
  • in the area of ​​each change of direction;
  • at the intersection of passages and corridors;
  • before each medical point;
  • in places of emergency communications;
  • in the locations of primary fire extinguishers;
  • at the locations of the evacuation plan;
  • outside before each final exit from the building.

Information according to DBN B.2.5-28: 2018 Natural and artificial lighting (PDF, ~ 4Mb).

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