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Anti-panic lighting

Anti-panic lighting is a type of evacuation lighting used to prevent panic attacks and safely approach escape routes.

Anti-panic lighting (lighting of areas larger than 60 m2, which can be 30 or more people) should provide acceptable visual conditions to prevent panic, safe movement of people in the direction of evacuation routes and the visibility of any obstacles up to 2 m above the plane of movement.

Panic lighting must provide for at least 1 hour:

  • 50% of normalized illumination in 5 seconds after power failure of working lighting;
  • 100% normalized light after 60 s.

Lighting of areas where high-risk operations are carried out should ensure the safety of people involved in the process associated with a potential threat to their health and life, and create conditions for the proper cessation of work.

Anti-panic lighting, lighting to prevent panic

The minimum duration of lighting is determined by the time at which there is danger to people. Lighting should provide 100% of the level of normalized light constantly or be interrupted for no more than 0.5s.

Information according to DBN B.2.5-28: 2018 Natural and artificial lighting (PDF, ~ 4Mb).

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