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Machine lights

One of the elements that provide comfortable working conditions and, consequently, increase its productivity are lamps for machines.

Luminaires for the machine are special devices that are used for partial lighting of individual elements of the machine. Most often they are used in the following types of work:

  • repair of machines and other equipment;
  • in the manufacture of parts on the machine - to control the quality of production;
  • for lighting individual objects, as local lighting.

The advantage of these luminaires is their high quality lighting, low power consumption, the ability to change the direction of light, ease of installation, reliability and long service life. Also lamps for machines are dustproof and protected from water penetration that is rather important when performing various works on processing of wood and metal.

Take a look at our luminaires that can be used to illuminate machines:

machine lamp ДКП03У machine lights НКП04 lamp for the machine
Lamp DKP03U Lamp NKP04 Lamp NKP03U, LKP03U, DKP03U
lamps for machine tools ИКП03В, ИКП04В, ИКП05В, ИКП06В fixtures for the machine ДСП65В  
Lamp IKP03V, IKP04V, IKP05V, IKP06V Lamp DSP65V  
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