Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Lamp NKP03U, LKP03U, DKP03U

For local lighting of metal-cutting machine&tools working zones and other equipment, as well as for lighting workplaces in workshops.
Technical specifications
Protection class IEC (DSTU ІЕС 60598-1:2002) 12V, 24V - Safety class III, 220V - Safety class I
Mech. impact protection code (GOST 30631-99) М8
Input voltage (nominal), V 24 АС, 220 AC
IP Rating IР20
Ambient temperature range -30°С...+40°С (УХЛ4)
Lamp Base Type E27
Light source fluorescent compact lamp with ECG, incandescent lamp, LED bulb
Power, W 6, 7, 8, 13, 60

For local lighting of working areas of metal-cutting machines and other equipment, as well as for lighting workplaces in workshops, etc.

  • Lighting unit housing: aluminum alloy.
  • Reflector of the lighting unit: sheet steel.
  • Light-transmitting protective element: clear glass.
  • Rack: steel pipe.
  • Hinges: aluminum alloy.
  • Base: high-strength plastic.
  • Complete set: the lamp, to order - a lamp.
  • Light source: incandescent lamps type MO24-60 (24V) or similar.
  • A flexible rack allows you to send light to any place you need during your work.
Lighting unit housing: High-strength plastic.
Lighting reflector: steel sheet.
Flexible rack: first class steel spring wire.
Basis: steel sheet.
Package: lamp, on request - bulb.

  • Incandescent lamps of type МО24-60 (24В), Б-230-60 (220В)
  • compact with built-in ECG luminescent lamps of KLB13/TB type Lummaks (Gazotron-lux), T2TWIST (Delux), 10SSP13E27 (Volta)
  • LED bulbs of type СДЛ-6-Е27, СДЛ-7-Е27, СДЛ-8-Е27, LED 6, LED 7, LED 8 (Osram)
or similar.

on the support surface using screws Ø5mm, threaded studs, screws or M5 screws.

Individual cable Ø4 ... 9mm or wires (intersection 1.5 ... 2.5 mm2).

NKP03U-60- 002 UHL4 decryption of modification:
1 digit - nominal voltage:
  • 0 -24V
  • 1 - 220V

2 digit

  • 0 - with switch, without cable entry

3 digits - the nominal length of the rack, (L):

  • 1 - 250mm
  • 2 - 410mm
  • 3 - 545mm
  • 4 - 650mm
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