Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Light indicators (safety signs)

Indicator lights (safety signs) are installed:

  • over each evacuation exit;
  • on evacuation routes, unambiguously indicating evacuation directions;
  • to indicate the post of medical care, fire station;
  • to indicate the locations of primary fire extinguishers;
  • to indicate the location of emergency communications and other means intended for notification of an emergncy.

The brightness value of any part of the surface of the colored safety signs must be at least 2 cd/m2 in all directions.

The distance of the distinction of the evacuation safety sign shall be determined in accordance with Annex A2. The signs must be located at a distance of not more than 25 m from each other, as well as at the turn of the corridor. Additionally, exits from corridors and recreation areas adjacent to the above-mentioned premises should be marked with signs. Indicators must be installed at a height of not less than 2 m from the floor.

Light indicators (safety signs)

The brightness value of any area of ​​the colored surface of safety signs in smoky conditions must be at least 10 cd/m2.

In rooms where smoking is possible, emergency lighting fixtures must be placed at a distance of at least 0.5 m from the ceiling, and evacuation safety signs at a height of not more than 0.5 m from the floor. Safety signs with external illumination are not used.

The power of the indicator lamps in the normal mode should be carried out from a source independent of the power supply of the working lighting; in emergency mode, switch to power from a third independent source, for example - a built-in battery.

The duration of the indicators must be at least 1 hour.

Emergency lighting fixtures (safety, evacuation) may be provided that illuminate and turn on simultaneously with normal lighting fixtures (work lighting fixtures), and intermittent action, which turn on automatically when the power supply of normal lighting in this area.

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