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LED spotlights for stadium, football field lighting

Football is one of the favorite games of today. This sport gathers the most viewers among all existing ones. It is equally interesting to watch a football match sitting on the stadium grandstands and on the couch at home in front of a television screen. Therefore, to ensure the comfort of watching a football game, which usually takes place in the evening, it is necessary to think carefully about the lighting system of the football field and the stadium as a whole.

LED spotlights for stadium, football field lighting

The following factors should be considered when preparing stadium lighting:

  • the lighting of the players and spectators should be without obstacles to vision (providing visual comfort);
  • lighting must be safe;
  • the lighting should be uniform;
  • minimum degree of light pollution (especially in residential areas).

The artificial illumination of the football field must cope with the main task - to provide excellent visibility for all participants who are in the stadium - both players and spectators.

Considering all the above points, it is safe to say that the ideal option for lighting a stadium, a football field is nothing more than LED floodlights.

Sports LED lighting is carried out on supports located at different corners of the field, to which LED spotlights for stadiums are attached. This option of creating light allows you to fully illuminate the entire area. LED stadium lighting allows you to train and compete at any time of the day. The masts have spotlights with different optical system and power, each of them should provide a certain level of illumination at a given point. The quality of lighting on the playing field depends on this.

If we talk about supports for artificial lighting of the stadium, there are also some features:

  • According to the rules, the football field can have sizes ranging from 105 m to 110 m in length, and from 68 m to 75 m in width.
  • For the safety of players, it is not possible to place lighting supports within a 5 m wide area around the perimeter of the playing field.
  • If the stands for fans are made in the form of structures with an increase in the height of the rows or on a level with the field, the lighting supports should be located outside the field and be inaccessible to viewers.

Vatra company will develop a stadium lighting project, lighting calculation and offer high-power floodlights for football and other sports facilities in the shortest possible time.

High-quality LED stadium lighting, football pitch lighting with LED floodlights of the Vatra brand is reliable, powerful, modern and economical, long-lasting lighting.

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