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Reconstruction of street lighting

To date, hundreds of thousands of obsolete lamps are being used by the street lighting systems in Ukrainian cities and villages. Given the current state of outdoor lighting, it must be acknowledged that it is unsatisfactory for large cities and almost critical for district centers and settlements.

About 90% of street lamps do not meet the requirements of current standards for energy conservation and lighting. Operation of old, physically worn lamps, in which the reflector and diffuser characteristics are reduced (25-40% efficiency), the use of inefficient light sources (incandescent and DRL lamps) is an unsatisfactory standard, which is not efficient and economically unprofitable.

Reconstruction of street lighting

In order to increase the level of illumination and significantly reduce energy consumption, it is necessary to reconstruct the street lighting. Replace incandescent and DRL lamps with modern LED (LED) lamps. It is also necessary to introduce a separate tariff for daily and night electricity consumption, which will reduce the payment for its consumption by three times.

The reconstruction of street lighting aims to reduce the operating costs of lighting the city and improve its quality, improve the system of maintenance, monitoring, control and rapid detection of breakdowns.

If you need a project for street lighting, park, industrial, warehouse lighting or even an airport - contact our experts. We work with both small and large objects, municipal and private farms.

Our engineering engineers will perform complex lighting design for your facility, which includes a design calculation scheme, the design itself, and, of course, visualization of all elements of the future LED system.

Working with us gives you a number of benefits:

  • design by experienced engineers (covering Ukraine since 1957);
  • better luminaires and supports (all products are certified, ISO 9001 standard implemented);
  • fast order fulfillment, WE ARE THE MANUFACTURER;
  • competitive prices;
  • all goods in stock;
  • warranty from the manufacturer.

So, if you need a renovation of street lighting - feel free to contact us and you can be 100% sure - we will not let you down!

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