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High span lighting

Properly organized lighting of the room depends on the general state of human health, his ability to work, sound sleep and even the level of immunity and nervous system.

Therefore, special requirements are placed on large industrial facilities, such as: shopping malls, workshops, construction sites, supermarkets, warehouses, garages and more. After all, the general condition of employees and customers is the key to successful business.

However, often the process of lighting large industrial premises causes a lot of trouble, both for energy professionals and owners of these premises.

What is the problem? Consider the main reasons.

One of such reasons is the placement of lamps at a height of more than 10 m.

Ceilings and spans over 10 m high significantly complicate the process of installation and dismantling of lamps. Especially in the absence of the necessary equipment.

Освітлення високих промислових приміщень і прольотів

Another reason - frequent maintenance of lighting fixtures.

Old or low-quality, cheap high-span luminaires, accumulating dust and dirt, often overheat and fail. Accordingly, this entails the need to replace them immediately.

Unjustified savings on the quality of luminaires lead to permanent warranty replacements. And this in turn, new costs (dismantling of certain devices, funds to employees, payment of equipment rent) and your time.

Insufficient quantity and poor quality lighting also cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, that from a height of more than 10 m of light was not only enough, but that it was also high quality, you need to choose the right lamps. In no case do not save, only then you can forget about the maintenance of lamps for the next 10 years.

If you still decided to install new lighting fixtures, then consider all the nuances so as not to be disappointed in your choice. The lighting calculation of lighting will help you with this.

It includes:

  • technical features of the premises;
  • the right amount of light;
  • network features;
  • the need for lighting control systems.

Proper calculation of lighting of high industrial premises will significantly save your time and money, and will show what the result will be after installation.

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