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Tennis court lighting

Lighting of sports facilities has always been one of the most difficult, because it must provide not only perfect visibility, but also contribute to the comfort of players on the field and spectators in the stands. The lighting system for tennis courts is no exception.

Tennis has always been associated with Sunny summer days. However, there are also nuances here, because even in the hot summer, which is considered the best time to play, the ideal stay on the court begins only when the sun begins to set slightly below the horizon. In a properly lit tennis court, tennis players not only see the ball perfectly and navigate the field, but also do not feel the blinding effect that is so familiar to athletes who play in artificial light, at dusk and at 

Tennis court lighting

Lighting of the playing area is carried out in accordance with the European standard EN 12193: 1999, which is the main regulatory document for professional and Amateur venues. This document clearly sets out the requirements for:

  • Lighting of indoor and outdoor playgrounds for various sports and multi purpose sports facilities;
  • Grandstand lighting;
  • Security lighting;
  • Emergency lighting for continuing a sporting event;
  • Limitation of glare;
  • Colors and surface display properties

Professional tennis courts built for international competitions have additional lighting requirements that exceed the European standard. The reason for such high requirements is the high-quality image during the game broadcast in real time.

Note that all types of tennis courts are now installed only led lights for sports facilities and floodlights. Lighting planning for indoor tennis courts and badminton courts must include good perimeter lighting. If for other sports the field lines are a little more conventional, then every millimeter is important here. If there is a lack of light, the judge can make an incorrect decision based only on subjective perception. To avoid ambiguity, special directional lights are used to illuminate the back and side lines. They are usually mounted so that the rays can be directed clearly along the drawn dash, avoiding visual distortion and shadows from the ball or shuttlecock in the disputed area.

Contact our specialists and we will calculate the required amount of light for the playing area, taking into account the number and types of sports for which it is planned, and provide useful recommendations for the installation of lighting devices on sports grounds.

Even today, we offer high-quality sports lighting for playgrounds and stadiums, as well as modern high-performance led systems of our own design, which have unsurpassed performance and practically do not require maintenance, while providing significant energy savings.

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