Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Lighting of entrances, vestibules, stairwells

High-quality entrance lighting in an apartment building is an important factor in human comfort. Ordinary incandescent bulbs with a power of 40 to 100 watts are usually used for lighting. However, the use of this type of artificial lighting in our time is not relevant for a number of reasons:

  • rapid burnout of incandescent lamps;
  • significant electricity consumption;
  • high degree of incandescence (up to 360 degrees);

People began to look for solutions to these problems through the use of other light sources, one of which is LED lamps for housing and communal services. Among the main advantages of these lamps are:

  • Economy (unlike incandescent lamps, they consume several times less electricity);
  • Long service life of LEDs;
  • Environmental safety (absence of harmful mercury compounds);
  • Do not require maintenance during the service life;
  • Vibration resistance and resistance to mechanical impacts;
  • Ease of installation.

Lighting of entrances, vestibules, stairwells

The disadvantages of LED lighting start with the cost and, apparently, end there. The price of LED lamps and fixtures is higher. But given the service life, their energy efficiency and other parameters, they will pay off quickly enough.

When there is a risk of intentional or unintentional damage to the lamp in the entrance, or the destruction of the lamp by hooligans, then it is worth installing anti-vandal lamps. This will save you from additional material costs.

If we talk about the safety of the occupants of the entrance, then you should install lights with a motion sensor (especially on the stairwells). In these luminaires, the light is switched on only when the person approaches the maximum distance to the motion sensor.

With the onset of darkness in the porch and stairwells of a residential building must be turned on. First of all, it is necessary for the safety of residents.

In the entrance of each house must be illuminated common property (corridors, vestibules, attics, stairwells, basements). The method and scale of lighting depends on the type and size of the building itself.

Lighting standards in the entrances of apartment buildings are regulated by DBN B.2.5-23: 2010 DESIGN OF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT OF CIVIL PURPOSE OBJECTS.

Each main entrance to the porch is illuminated by a lamp from 6 to 11 lux. They should be the same in the basement and attic.

The illumination of the corridors should not be below 20 lux. In corridors with a length of less than 10 m, one lamp is installed in the center. If the length of the corridor is more than 10 m - two lamps or more.

The light switch in public buildings should be located in a place accessible to every occupant of the house.

Both its practicality and how much electricity costs the owner will incur depend on the lamp chosen for lighting the entrances. Nobody needs the cost of constantly burning lamps. Therefore, it is better to pay a larger amount at once, but get quality, reliable and durable lighting.

It is estimated that the modernization of home lighting should pay off in 2.5-3 years. You can save two, four and even ten times on the entrances of a multi-storey building. You do not need to be an expert to understand that the cost of tariffs in Ukraine will not decrease. The most competent option for farming is the modernization of utilities, insulation and energy saving technologies.

Our company offers comprehensive lighting solutions to provide porches with lighting. Our consultants will quickly guide you in our range of products and provide qualified assistance in the calculation and selection of lamps.

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