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Lighting of parking lots

Everyone who has their own car and actively uses it, daily faces the search for a place to park their vehicles. This search haunts the driver constantly - coming to work, to the store, gym, bank, hospital and even to his own home. That is, every trip (even the smallest) requires a parking space.

Parking is a modern name for a parking lot for vehicles. In the conditions of constant development of cities and creation of new objects of public importance: supermarkets, entertainment centers, medical institutions, educational institutions, beauty salons, parking for a car is extremely important. In addition, many drivers, choosing to safely store their car at night, prefer paid parking (as opposed to storing cars under the entrance). It follows that the organization of parking is one of the most important and most attractive investments for a number of companies.
Features of parking lighting

For parking to be considered good and, above all, safe, the main focus should be on proper lighting.

The once popular high-pressure gas-discharge, mercury and sodium lamps are now a thing of the past. This type of lighting did not fully meet quality standards, as it had a low color rendering index, plus it consumed a lot of electricity - especially in the dark, when the lights worked all night for safety reasons.

The old type of lighting was replaced by an upgraded LED. The use of LED luminaires for parking lots allows not only to improve the quality of lighting, but also to reduce energy costs several times.

We offer you a wide range of LED lamps, floodlights of own production for lighting of ground parking lots, parking lots.

Lighting of parking lots

Advantages of LED lighting:

  • energy efficient;
  • endowed with a high degree of color rendering - up to 95%;
  • there is a function of a choice of the correlated color temperature from 2700 to 6500 K;
  • a wide range of capabilities in lighting control - autonomous or as part of centralized control systems;
  • unpretentious in operation;
  • durable.
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