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Lighting of the logistics center, complex

Effective lighting of warehouses and logistics centers

Warehouse, logistics center - means a room with a large area. If such premises are not fully automated and involve people working in them, then, first of all, it will be necessary to take care of the proper level of illumination.

Until recently, warehouse lighting has traditionally been high-intensity discharge lamps, which have a number of disadvantages. World progress has led to the replacement of gas-discharge lighting of logistics centers, complexes came modern LED lighting.

LED lighting of the logistics center, complex is more a necessity than a tribute to fashion. In addition to supplying high-quality light, modern LED technologies save up to 50% of energy, the lamps are instantly turned on at full power, allow brightness control and have a long life.

ighting of the logistics center, complex

LED lighting is an ideal solution

LED lighting has a number of advantages over other types of light. With the help of LEDs it is possible to achieve powerful uniform illumination on all territory. Thanks to good visibility, access will be open to any rack on all tiers. The accident-free situation will allow to move without additional physical efforts on corridors, interrack space, excluding collision of loading and unloading equipment with warehousing systems.

Installation of LED lamps is carried out on a ceiling or on standard support. The main task is to implement a special approach to lighting a huge area clogged with goods. And only LED equipment can provide such an opportunity.

Another no less important point is that the round-the-clock operation of lighting fixtures in such quantities inevitably affects the amount of electricity costs. Sometimes this amount is so significant that it undermines confidence in the profitability of all production. Yes, many still see the only way out of the situation is the transition to fluorescent lamps, but so do managers who have no idea what LED lighting is. Even compared to the already mentioned fluorescent, it works about 30% more efficiently in terms of electricity consumption, which is an indisputable argument in favor of LED equipment.

In addition, LED lighting does not require additional maintenance costs and is one of those that are said to be "caught and forgotten".

ighting of the logistics center, complex

The main principles of installation of LED lighting in the logistics center

To achieve perfect lighting in a large logistics center or complex and at the same time save about a third of the money that has to be paid today as payment for electricity, we follow clear, elaborated over the years, the rules of lighting design of large logistics centers, complexes:

We choose the optimal height of the fixtures, taking into account the work of loaders;

  • To achieve uniform lighting around the perimeter, mount lamps, spotlights at the top of the warehouse. If it is necessary to concentrate more light near production on racks, we design the general localized lighting;
  • We try to place the lamps so as to provide easy and quick access to them (this is a condition, rather, a measure that is provided in case of force majeure. Given the 50-80 thousand hours of LED lamps, they will have to change at least 10 years) ;
  • Rack storage involves the location of LED lamps along the entire height of the mezzanine, which also go a few meters in depth. In this case we process vertical illumination that it was possible to distinguish markings, inscriptions on labels without additional efforts.
  • Mezzanines are illuminated on each tier, we use lamps with opaque diffusers;
  • In complexes where load-distributing devices are actively used, we establish at once 2 types of lighting - the general and local, for creation of acceptable conditions of performance of repair and adjustment works;
  • We design evacuation lighting in order to mark the ways out of the room, if the emergency situation caused the disconnection of the working light. The minimum illumination of emergency devices is not less than 0.5 lux (at zero level).

ighting of the logistics complex

LED luminaires are attached along the entire length to the ceiling panels. In open areas for mounting lamps, floodlights, we use support poles, sometimes ropes, hung around the perimeter. For lighting of internal rooms and external zones we take various models of fixtures, we consider at a choice critical temperatures, degree of protection.

Designing LED lighting for a logistics center or complex is not an easy task, it requires a lot of knowledge and skills. Specialists of Vatra Corporation at a high professional level are ready to perform for you the calculation of the illumination of the logistics center, a complex that will show how cost-effective to transfer companies to new energy-efficient light sources. Based on our own calculations, we will design LED lighting systems, offer the best options for lamps and floodlights. By choosing us, you choose the best!

Take a look at our luminaires that can be used to illuminate a logistics center or complex:

The DSP46U lamp lighting DSP65V lighting of production premises DSP07U 
Lamp DSP46U Lamp DSP65V Lamp DSP07U
general lighting DSP45U, LSP45U emergency lighting DPP09U, LPP09U lighting of commercial areas
Lamp DSP45U, LSP45U Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U Lamp DPP07V
lighting of warehouses lighting of agricultural premises the DSP17B lamp (A)
Lamp DSP67U (G) Lamp DSP27U (С) Lamp DSP27U (A)
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