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Good lighting plays an important role in medicine. How it affects the well-being of patients in a medical facility, and the ability of staff to provide an appropriate level of service.

Led lighting - a great choice for medical institutions! In addition to being completely eco-friendly, it is also able to improve the hospital environment, save on electricity and increase efficiency.

Світлодіодне освітлення лікарень

Requirements for the lighting system of medical institutions

Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and other medical institutions should not only heal patients, but also take appropriate measures to maintain normal human health and prevent diseases. That is why the issues of providing such institutions with everything necessary are regulated by strict standards, which include hygienic, technical and sanitary-epidemiological standards. They also concern lighting devices.

General requirements for medical lighting:

  • artificial lighting should be combined with natural lighting as much as possible;
  • the working table of medical personnel and places of examination of patients should be equipped with additional lighting devices;
  • the height of additional lighting sources must be at least 1.7 meters from the floor level;
  • it is mandatory that all internal rooms should be equipped with night lighting sources and illumination of evacuation exits;
  • offices and wards are equipped with UV lamps for air sanitation;
  • when organizing lighting, you must comply with all the requirements of regulatory, technical and legal documentation.

Lighting in the premises of medical institutions is carried out using natural and artificial light sources. It is not difficult to guess that such sources are Windows and lamps. The latter can be mobile (portable) and stationary, which in turn are divided into ceiling and wall.

One of the important requirements for lighting medical institutions is to ensure its comfort for patients and staff: spots of increased brightness (light sources and shiny parts of lamps) should not fall into the field of view of patients who are in a horizontal (lying) position.

In the case of natural light, this condition is met when designing window openings.

In the case of artificial lamps, special light distribution schemes are used.

Освітлення медичних установ

The flow of light should be directed to the ceiling, down and in the center of the room. The area at the head of the bed should be the least illuminated. This scheme is recommended for all wards, except for post-operative, children's and psychiatric departments.

General lighting is carried out by means of lamps located on the ceiling or walls of the room evenly or localized. Uniform location is used in doctors ' offices, treatment rooms, etc. General localized lighting Fixtures are used where better illumination of individual areas is needed.

There are special requirements for surgical facilities. Lighting resuscitation, dressing, antishock wards should be made by General lighting fixtures that provide illumination of at least 150 LUX. In operating systems, lamps of this type must provide illumination of 200-500 LUX. Artificial light sources should be installed in all rooms of the surgical Department: General and local lighting systems, bedside and night lamps, as well as installations for ultraviolet lighting that are responsible for air sanitation.

In addition to natural and artificial lighting, medical institutions must have emergency lighting systems.

So, the correct composition and characteristics of the equipment in the lighting system guarantee not only efficiency and comfort, but also the economic benefits of installation, operation and maintenance of lighting devices. You can achieve optimal indicators if you contact specialists who have sufficient experience in the organization of lighting of medical institutions.

We offer the development of individual lighting projects for hospitals and medical institutions, taking into account all standards and wishes. Contact us!

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