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Lighting for poultry farming

Lighting for poultry farming

One of the most important elements of the proper functioning of the poultry industry is proper lighting. Lighting of poultry farms, poultry houses has a great influence on the health and productivity of birds, as well as on their behavior and development. That is why the appropriate lighting system must be designed with a professional approach and special care. The best energy efficiency can be achieved through the use of LED lamps and lamps for poultry.

LED lamps have many advantages - low power consumption, long service life, long warranty, minimal maintenance, a wide range of choices.

lighting for poultry farming

It is important to understand that broilers, young and laying hens have different lighting needs when it comes to intensity. Light output can be measured with a light meter, but all measuring instruments have different sensitivity. It is necessary to use a quality light meter for maximum accuracy, given the type of lamp. The standard units of light intensity measured in poultry houses are "candela" (light intensity) or "lux" (illuminance), 1 candela is approximately 10 lux, and the light intensity for the bird should be evenly distributed throughout the poultry house. The standard interval between lamps is about 6.5 m, but you can increase the uniformity of illumination by placing the lamps closer together.

LED solutions can create an ideal environment where birds do not show stressful behavior in the form of overeating. LEDs can now be used to improve the quality of eggs, which must be the correct size and sufficient shell thickness. They help the birds to be calmer and improve the conversion of food into body weight. Today, with LED lighting that can mimic the unique spectral requirements for birds, farmers can reduce stress and mortality, as well as regulate circadian rhythms, increase egg and meat production, and breed new individuals.

Special LED lighting systems, which provide the right range of light, help to improve the quality and quantity of poultry products.

Lamps for birds

For any type of poultry content: cage, multi-storey or conventional floor, the goal is the even distribution of light at all levels and over the entire area. However, this is often overlooked. The lamps are simply placed at approximately the same distance, regardless of the effect they will have on the bird.

Professionals recommend that you make lighting calculations and use lamps that evenly illuminate all levels in the cages or the entire space of the poultry house, without leaving dark corners, with the same intensity.

Open space requires less directional luminaires that scatter the rays wider.

One of the most difficult problems in developing optimal lighting conditions for the entire poultry industry was the development of a way to control the lighting system when kept on the floor or kept free to walk. It is believed that the installation of LED lighting in free-standing and floor-standing systems provides greater consistency and better efficiency than can be provided by fluorescent or traditional lighting with incandescent lamps.

lamps for birds

Our range of LED lighting for poultry is represented by many models. LED luminaires are equipped with a degree of protection against environmental influences IP65, dust and moisture protection.

Advantages of LED lamps:

  • Savings - 4 times more economical lamp compared to DRL lamps, respectively, reduces the cost of purchasing electricity.
  • Degree of protection IP67 - absolute protection against damage, dirt and dust. The lamp is completely airtight and is not afraid of moisture.
  • Perfect light - LEDs of the required spectrum for birds are installed in the lamp.
  • Light control - the ability to implement a cycle of "dawn-sunset" to gradually increase and decrease the level of illumination as close as possible to natural.
  • Low heat dissipation - LED lamps are practically not heated, which means that they can be installed at a close distance from the birds, even in the cages themselves, without provoking overheating of the birds.
  • Housing made of impact-resistant polycarbonate - provides complete sealing of the lamp. Does not become cloudy and does not turn yellow over time.
  • Long warranty period - any customer is interested in both the long service life of the luminaires and the long warranty and post-warranty service.

Our experts will help you to prepare the corresponding project of lighting of poultry houses, to carry out calculations under the concrete sizes and features of your rooms, to pick up corresponding fixtures. All this will be done in a short time. Contact us!

To extend respect to our friends, so that they can be used for public holidays in the galaxy of birds:

Lamp DKP01U, LKP01U, LKP02U Lamp DKP01U line Lamp DPP07V
Lamp DKP01U, LKP01U, LKP02U Lamp DKP01U line Lamp DPP07V
Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U Lamp DSP67U (G)  
Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U Lamp DSP67U (G)  
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