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Lighting of billboards

Effectiveness of billboards

Even an advertising ad is unfeasible even if you don’t have any kind of barbaric advertising billboards - a billboard. Billboard is a must-see advertisement, nevid'mna part of an ordinary place. Idea, a kind of advertisement is put into Denmark - all the way to the picture with a concise textual superconductor, it’s good for calling out potential customers who want to buy the best product or service.

Great advertising designs with different types of advertising, have firmly seen the arsenal of marketing tools. More than ten days ago, there’s a row of the very same Maydan’s who get involved in one of the most effective ways to submit advertisements. The middle priority of this construction is the great rozmir, which is nearby in the field of dawn, the ability to install a car with a high passenger flow, and also allow for installation at an uninterrupted proximity of an advertising bookmark.

Protea, the most important thing is to see the billboard at the last hour of finishing, I’m trying to get behind the other special lights and the light bulb. Nowadays there are more than one miracle to see the billboards, and the first one is visibly energy-saving and easy to attend.

lighting of billboards

Methods of publicity on billboards

There are only two ways to install lighting fixtures: outdoor and indoor.

The first option (outdoor lighting) is more common - it is much easier to install, easier to maintain and repair, cheaper. Exterior lighting is most often implemented using architectural floodlights, which are used to illuminate buildings. They have high brightness, good optical light intensity and emit a uniform flooding glow on a certain surface area of ​​the object. With a high level of protection against moisture and dust, they can be used without hindrance even in the most polluted places - along the roadways, in industrial areas and near dirt roads.

If we talk about interior lighting, it is a more complex, technological and much more expensive in monetary terms way of lighting billboards and billboards. Depending on the variety, in this category you can select the rear, end, front and contour lighting. To achieve the desired effect, separately placed LEDs are used - on a grid or contour, in combination with a transparent front or rear wall of the billboard. The use of a particular technology is determined by the specific needs of the advertiser, and therefore makes the billboard project many times more expensive than standard. In connection with the latter, the described methods are usually used only by large companies or those firms that place only one or two billboards in the immediate vicinity of their establishments.

Another, much cheaper way of illumination is contouring billboards with LED strips or flexible neon. Here it is possible to use low-voltage products, which increases the safety of the structure and reduces energy costs.

підсвітка білбордів

The following factors must be taken into account when developing lighting solutions:

  • Billboard size;
  • Palette saturation;
  • Reflective properties of paints and other decorative elements of the billboard;
  • External aesthetics of the used lighting equipment;
  • Total weight of lighting fixtures;
  • The level of complexity of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance;
  • Climatic conditions;
  • Options for supplying electrical cable;
  • General electrical safety;
  • The question of saving electricity.

In any case, the specialists of the company "Vatra" will provide professional advice when choosing a specific way of illuminating billboards and billboards. Our managers will quickly guide you in our range of products and help you choose the solution that best combines with the essence of the advertising image on the billboard.

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