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Petrol Station Lighting

A gas station is a multifunctional facility. At the gas station, as a rule, money is paid for fuel, as well as directly filling the fuel tank of the car. In addition, most gas stations have a shop, toilet, and sometimes even a small cafe, so the gas station can be considered a commercial object. Each area of this object should be illuminated.

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Luminaires for gas stations are a very necessary element of safety. Since gas stations are considered to be objects of increased fire danger, high-quality lighting at night is a guarantee that there will be no unforeseen situations.

Most gas stations operate around the clock. A lot of energy is spent on good lighting. Its rationalization and economical consumption can significantly, 2-4 times reduce material costs. But this is possible only if you use LED lights for gas stations.

Depending on the functionality of the gas station, there are special requirements for the organization of its lighting, which must not only perform its direct function, but also perform some advertising task, attracting the attention of drivers.

When choosing lighting elements for gas stations, it is necessary to start from the territorial division of the gas station (usually there are three zones):

  • refueling area;
  • cash register or shop building;
  • adjacent area (access and exit roads, parking).

Each of these areas must be equipped with specific lamps that create the appropriate level of illumination in this place.

To organize the lighting of gas stations, it is necessary to choose luminaires that meet the following criteria:

  • Energy efficiency.
  • Security. When choosing lamps for gas stations, it is necessary to take into account that it is a question of illumination of object where there are flammable materials.
  • Strength and reliability.
  • High level of fire and electrical safety.
  • High level of dust and moisture protection.
  • In addition, the design of luminaires for gas stations must have lightning protection and explosion protection.

When choosing luminaires for gas stations, it is important to make sure that they really meet all the standards of efficient use at gas stations. When buying Vatra products, you can be sure that they are fully certified for such work and meet all safety requirements. The range includes a wide range of LED lamps, floodlights, emergency lighting elements and explosion-proof lighting. Buy quality!

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