Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Security and emergency lighting

Security lighting (in the absence of special technical means of protection) should be provided along the borders of protected areas at night. The illuminance must be at least 0.5 lux at ground level in the horizontal plane or at 0.5 m from the ground on one side of the vertical plane perpendicular to the boundary line.

When using special technical means for protection, the amount of illumination should be taken according to the task of designing security lighting.

Any light sources may be used for security lighting, except in cases when security lighting functions abnormally and is automatically switched on by the action of burglar alarms or other technical means.

Security and emergency lighting

In such cases:

  • LED light sources;
  • CFL with electronic ballast;
  • high-pressure discharge lamps under the condition of their instant ignition and fast re-ignition both in a hot condition, after short-term shutdown, and in a cold condition of fast start;
  • incandescent lamps when it is impossible to use other light sources.

Emergency lighting

Regulatory documents define standby light as lighting of premises or other objects during non-working hours. Although such light belongs to security types of lighting, at enterprises and facilities of round-the-clock operation, duty types of lighting can be combined with security systems - emergency or evacuation light.

There are no requirements for the standby lighting in terms of the magnitude and unevenness of illumination.

The basic requirements for the organization of emergency lighting coincide with the requirements of conventional artificial lighting of objects or premises and include several basic rules:

  • standby light fixtures must create an even and sufficient level of illumination throughout the entire space of the illuminated premises;
  • placement of luminaires as evacuation ones is subject to the regulatory requirements of lighting security systems;
  • in rooms with high humidity, light sources with a high class of protection against dust and moisture should be used;
  • luminaires must provide a high degree of electrical safety for service personnel.

In rooms with a variable operating mode (warehouses, utility rooms, repair areas, etc.), the emergency light can be equipped with motion sensors for a quick transition to normal operating mode.

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