Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Norms of evacuation lighting

Types, objects of evacuation lighting Illumination Emin
on a horizontal surface,
lux, not less
Emax / Emin
not more
Lighting of evacuation routes up to 2м 1):
– along the axis of the passage
– in the aisle

0,5 2)


Anti-panic lighting 0,5 3) 40:1
Lighting of the zones of the increased danger (not less than 10% of norm of illumination of working lighting 15 10:1
Lighting of stairways in buildings with permanent residence of low mobility groups and preschool children 5 40:1
Near the first aid post, place with fire-fighting equipment, location of the evacuation plan, place of activation of the alarm system, before each evacuation exit, outside before each evacuation exit from the building 5 40:1
1) The size of wide aisles is defined as the sum of two-meter strips.
2) On a strip of at least 50% of the width of the passage, symmetrically located relative to the axis of the passage.
3) On the entire free surface, except for a strip 0.5 m wide along the surface boundary.

Information according to DBN B.2.5-28: 2018 Natural and artificial lighting (PDF, ~ 4Mb).

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