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Classification of small spaces (zones)

Classification of pedestrian spaces (zones) according to DBN B.2.5-28: 2018 Natural and artificial lighting (PDF, ~ 4Mb).

Subclass The name of the object
P1 Maidans in front of the main entrances of exhibitions and stadiums, entrances to hypermarkets and supermarkets, exhibition pavilions and on open platforms in the territories of exhibitions, the territory of railway stations and airports.
P2 The main pedestrian streets of the historic part of the city, public centers of administrative districts, impassable parts of squares, pre-factory squares, public transport landing sites, 1 open pedestrian bridges, access roads to gas stations from streets and roads of categories A and B and gas stations.
P3 Pedestrian streets, main entrances on the territory of city parks, sanatoriums, auxiliary entrances and side alleys of exhibitions, auxiliary entrances and central alleys of stadiums, access tracks to gas stations from streets of categories B.
P4 Sidewalks separated from the carriageway; main passages on the territory of micro-districts, entrances and approaches to buildings, playgrounds, canteens of kindergartens, schools, educational institutions, sanatoriums and buildings, rest, central alleys of territories of sanatoriums and buildings of rest, territories of polyclinics, hospitals.
P5 Minor passages in the territories of microdistricts, including sidewalks-entrances, economic platforms and platforms in front of garbage collectors, central alleys of parks and squares, administrative districts, passages between garages, temporary parking lots.
P6 Side alleys and auxiliary entrances of squares and parks, administrative districts.

Normalized indicators for pedestrian spaces (zones)

Clas Average horizontal
illumination, Еaverage, lk
The ratio of average illuminance
to maximum, Еaveragemax
P1 20 1:3
P2 10 1:3
P3 6 1:5
P4 4 1:5
P5 2 1:10
P6 1 1:10
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