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Autonomous solar-powered street lighting

The principle of operation of an Autonomous street lighting

Autonomous street lighting is a type of lighting that allows you to significantly reduce the cost of supplying the power cable, organizing a substation, electricity metering unit, and obtaining permits and approvals in various instances.

The principle of operation of such lighting on solar panels is to convert the energy of sunlight using solar cells into an electric current. Then the electric energy is transferred to the battery, where it accumulates. Accordingly, the battery feeds the lamp, usually led, and thus the territory is illuminated at night.

Autonomous solar-powered street lightingAutonomous power supply system using solar panels

Led lamps are the most economical light sources. The process of switching on and off such a lamp occurs at the right time, and the battery charge is controlled by a special control unit. The solar-powered Autonomous street lighting system can also be equipped with various additional functions. For example, you can control the light level. In the "standby mode", the lamp will Shine at 20-40% of its power, and when some movement is detected in the controlled area, the luminous flux increases to 100%. This way you can extend the battery life. You can also equip the system with a timer that will enable the operation of the lighting system at a certain time.

The correct functionality of the lighting system, and, of course, its cost, will depend on how accurately the power of solar panels and battery capacity are selected. After all, it is no secret that the more power a solar panel has and the greater the capacity of its battery, the longer the lamp will Shine.

Advantages of solar-powered lighting

  • no need to pay for electricity;
  • the ability to install lighting in remote areas without centralized power supply or far from it;
  • easy and fast installation;
  • safety and environmental friendliness during operation and disposal;
  • long service life;
  • automatic operation of the installation.

Vatra Corporation offers an Autonomous power supply system using solar panels, which consists of a solar battery with a power of 285 watts, an output voltage of 24 volts, a lamp control device (UUS) with a power of 300W, a battery, 24 V, 30Ah (NMC).

Contact us and our specialists will create and implement an external osvitlenya system according to Your individual needs!

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