Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Aerodrome lights

Lighting devices (STD) at aerodromes are designed to ensure the safe maneuvering of aircraft in low visibility conditions (at night or in bad weather). With their help, the strip for take-off and landing, approaches to it, its parts, aprons and taxiing tracks are illuminated, taxiways and their location on the airfield are indicated. They also serve to provide pilots with various visual information for maneuvering on the airfield, takeoffs and landings. UST consist of:

  • signaling techniques;
  • beacons of impulse action;
  • spotlight stations.

In turn, the signaling technique is a combination of lights arranged in a certain order and clearly distinguishable when the pilot makes eye contact with the surface of the airfield.

aerodrome lights (transformer, searchlight, spherical inspection)

The light signaling equipment includes high supports in the form of masts for placing lighting devices, special kits for signaling intended for airfields and helicopter reception areas. It also includes devices for the emergency supply of energy to the facility, various electrical equipment, power supply devices, control and management of light signals, diesel generators, lights of varying intensity, mobile stations.

Lights at the aerodrome are subdivided into transformer, searchlight and spherical (taxiway and runway) lights. Searchlights include lights:

  • limiting the runway,
  • light horizon and approach,
  • entrance (on the runway and side).

The transformer category includes taxiways (side taxiways), runways, skylights and approximations.

When choosing aerodrome lighting equipment , the characteristics of aircraft located at the airfield are taken into account. This makes it possible to receive and send aircraft in bad weather conditions.

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