Supplies of lighting and electrical installations

Requirements for lighting of roads and streets

It is no secret that the high level of illumination of highways, as well as the parking places of vehicles, is a major influence on road safety. Therefore, the following requirements must be met when designing outdoor street lighting devices:

  • normalized values ​​of quantitative and qualitative indicators of lighting stops;
  • rational use of electricity, ie economy;
  • reliability of operation of lighting installations;
  • ease of maintenance and management of lighting installations;
  • safety of service personnel and the population.

parking lights

The equipment and materials used in lighting installations must meet the requirements of the standards, the technical voltage of the network, the environmental conditions. All norms specified by the main indicators of outdoor lighting must be the same for any light source used in lighting installations, meet the requirements of SNiP for the design of natural and artificial lighting.

The main normative document of Ukraine, which regulates the norms of illumination for street lighting, is the Ukrainian building codes and rules - DBN B.2.5-28 -2006 "Natural and artificial lighting". Lighting standards are mandatory for all organizations involved in the field of construction and installation. Lighting of streets, squares, highways, highways with regular traffic in urban areas must meet the requirements of illumination according to SNiP 23-05-95.

parking lights

Required brightness and illumination of the road surface of streets, squares and roads

By the nature of the lighting requirements, all streets and city squares are divided into three categories:

A - highways, highways of the city value, etc .;

B - main streets of district importance, roads of freight traffic, etc .;

In - streets and roads of local importance.

Street Category The name of the object The highest traffic intensity in both directions, units/h. Average coating brightness*, L, cd/m2 Average horizontal illumination of the cover, lx
А Main roads, main streets of city value Over 3000 1,6 20
From 1000 to 3000 1,2 20
From 500 to 1000 0,8 15
Б Main streets of regional importance Over 2000 1,0 15
From 1000 to 2000 0,8 15
From 500 to 1000 0,6 10
Less 500 0,4 10
В Streets and roads of local importance 500 or more 0,4 8
Less 500 0,3 6

* cd/m2 - illumination level of 1 square meter, measured in Candela. Candela (from Latin Candela - candle) is a unit of light power, one of the seven basic units of the International System of Units (SI). Defined as "the power of light in a given direction of the source emitting monochromatic radiation." International designation - cd, ukrainian - cd.


1. The average brightness of the highway coverage irrespective of the traffic intensity is taken to be 1.6 cd / m2 within the city and 1.0 cd / m2 outside the cities at the main entrances to the airports, river and seaports.

2. The average brightness or average illumination of the carriageway within the traffic intersection at two or more levels on all highways shall be not less than 0,8 cd / m2, or 10 lux, at the ramps and branches. .

3. The level of illumination of the carriageway of streets, roads and squares covered with paving stones, granite slabs and other materials shall be regulated by the value of average horizontal illumination.

4. The level of illumination of local streets adjacent to highways and main streets shall be at least one-third of the level of illumination of a highway or main street at a distance of at least 100 m from the junction line.

5. At pedestrian crossings on a par with the carriageway of streets and roads with traffic intensities of more than 500 rpm, lighting standards should be provided at least 1.3 times compared to the carriageway lighting norm. Increasing the level of illumination is achieved by changing the step of supports, the installation of additional or more powerful light fixtures, the use of illuminated cover in the transition, and more.


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