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Reconstruction, restoration of old chandeliers

Nowadays, a chandelier is not just a lighting fixture that gives light and warmth, but also an interior item that gives comfort, shine and chic to the place where it is located. But over time, the chandelier loses its luster and charm, or fails. However, it is not necessary to refuse it at once, it is possible to address simply to professional restorers of the Vatra company and to return the lamp to former majestic look.

Our highly qualified specialists will quickly and efficiently carry out the reconstruction and restoration of old (existing) chandeliers of any type with the replacement of electrical wires, coatings and diffusers, without violating the artistic value of the product.

reconstruction of chandeliers

We offer:

  • Repair and restoration of chandeliers, lamps;
  • Replacement of chandelier wiring;
  • Cleaning a metal chandelier;
  • Restoration of gilding;
  • Repair of antique chandeliers;
  • Restoration of antique chandeliers;
  • Polishing of bronze chandeliers, plafonds, etc.

The complex of works for each chandelier is selected by masters of the Vatra corporation individually. The renovation will not only breathe new life into the lamps, but also make them much more beautiful and sophisticated. Experienced craftsmen, subtly feeling the nature of the material, will return the product to its original unique appearance and functionality. All works will be performed exactly on time, will meet all quality standards.

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