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Lighting of gyms

Requirements for lighting of gyms

Gyms are crowded not only for schoolchildren or professional athletes, but also for all other sports fans who want to keep fit. In such premises they are engaged in physical exercises, hold various sports games and competitions.

Lighting of gyms

Good lighting plays a very important role in the life of such institutions, because according to research, it is officially proven that poor lighting of gyms has a negative impact on the well-being and motivation of people who work in them.

There are a number of specific requirements for the lighting of gyms:

  • the light should be bright and, at the same time, diffused;
  • the light atmosphere in general should stimulate physical activity so as not to overwhelm a person;
  • the installed general lighting should not allow the formation of shadows in any part of the gym;
  • there must be 100% visibility of all simulators on the site;
  • emergency and evacuation lighting is arranged separately, this is due to the large concentration of people;
  • if the gym provides for various sports, then the necessary light zoning of the premises, depending on what sport is practiced in a particular part of the hall, the light intensity should also be different.

Lighting of gyms with LED light sources

All of the above tasks and goals are easy to achieve when using lamps equipped with LED light sources. These include LED lamps of different wattages, lamps, floodlights.

Their advantages:

  • creating a high-power light flux, while consuming a small amount of electricity;
  • the possibility of creating a full-fledged general lighting;
  • long service life (service life of LED lamps is more than 10 years);
  • the need for additional maintenance is minimal;
  • possibility of installation practically in any lighting installations;
  • full environmental friendliness and safety of use (LED light bulbs
    lighting of sports facilities do not contain toxic substances that create safe conditions for everyone in the gym);
  • low energy consumption (savings of 30% -50% of electricity compared to other light sources).

The Vatra company, using LED sports lighting, realizes various lighting projects according to individual requirements of the client. We find a special approach to each of our customers. Regardless of the volume and complexity of the order, you will be pleasantly surprised by its affordable total cost. The profitability of the established prices is achieved due to the presence of own production and the absence of intermediaries.

Take a look at our luminaires that can be used to light gyms:

Lamp DSP27U (С) Lamp DSP27U (B) Lamp DPP27U Effect LED
Lamp DSP27U (С) Lamp DSP27U (B) Lamp DPP27U Effect LED
Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U Lamp DSP67U (G) DSU05U (model A-max)
Lamp DPP09U, LPP09U Lamp DSP67U (G) DSU05U (model A-max)
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