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Lighting at the food industry

Manufacturers of food and beverages are unique companies with high requirements for lighting quality. Food processing and production requires painstaking work and the use of dangerous tools such as knives and blades. Therefore, if the lighting is dim or flickering, it leads to reduced food quality, rapid fatigue of workers, as well as occupational injuries.

The following objects belong to the enterprises of the food industry which need the special approach to designing of a lighting network:

  • Enterprises for slaughtering cattle and meat processing, production of semi-finished products and finished products from it;
  • Dairy factories, dairies, dairies;
  • Enterprises for the production of bread and bakery products;
  • Cereal production plants and flour mills;
  • Manufacturing companies engaged in the manufacture of oil and fat products;
  • Agricultural enterprises specializing in the processing of fruits and berries.

Lighting at the food industry

Most of these food companies work around the clock and without days off, which is why they are suitable for LED lighting.

LED lighting fixtures require much lower maintenance costs than their "obsolete counterparts".

Advantages of LED lighting:

  • high reliability and long service life;
  • energy saving;
  • uniform lighting without flicker;
  • high level of color rendering;
  • does not require frequent service;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • instantly turns on without requiring warm-up time.

In the food industry, emergency safety lighting should be designed only for the bakery industry. Other food industries use emergency lighting only to evacuate people.

Lighting design for the food industry requires a lot of skills and effort. That is why our engineers at a high professional level are ready to perform for you the calculation of lighting of the food industry, which will show how profitable it will be to switch companies to new energy efficient light sources and, if necessary, offer the best options for lamps and floodlights.

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