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Elevator lighting

In order for cereals to be stored for a long time, it is necessary to provide them with proper conditions. Grain elevators are used for this purpose. These are fairly large structures equipped for storage and processing of grain. They solve all problems related to harvesting, drying, storage and transportation of grain. At the moment, elevators are considered the most reliable place for long-term storage of grain crops.

The main types of elevators include:

  • Grain receiving (harvesting) elevators;
  • Basic elevators;
  • Transshipment (nodal);
  • Stock;
  • Production;
  • Eclipse elevators;
  • Elevator for feed mills;
  • Port granaries;
  • Implementation bases;
  • Farm elevators;
  • Temporary storage elevators.

The importance of a well-designed elevator lighting system cannot be overestimated. It plays a huge role both in creating safe working conditions and in ensuring the necessary efficiency of the production process as a whole.

Qualitatively organized lighting of elevator complexes (general, additional and emergency) solves many tasks, including helping to minimize marriage and injuries, increase productivity.

The choice of luminaires for grain warehouses is determined by the characteristics of the grain itself and the requirements for the design of elevators and granaries. The main feature of such structures is the complete absence of natural light, which puts forward increased requirements for the reliability of lamps.

Another feature of grain storage compositions is the presence of a large amount of dust, which is determined by the nature of the stored material.

Elevator lighting

Based on this, we can conclude that LED lighting fixtures are perfect for lighting elevators (granaries). The advantages of these lamps include the following aspects:

  • long service life;
  • low energy consumption;
  • high level of color rendering;
  • resistance to vibration and mechanical shocks;
  • practically do not heat up in the course of work;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • instant switching on;
  • minimum operating costs;
  • do not require maintenance during the service life.

Designing LED elevator lighting is not an easy task, it requires a lot of knowledge and special skills. Specialists of Vatra Corporation at a high professional level are ready to perform for you the calculation of the illumination of granaries, which will show how cost-effective to convert buildings to new energy-efficient light sources. Based on our own calculations, we will design LED lighting systems, offer the best options for lighting fixtures. For example, as we have already done to illuminate the Kononov Elevator.

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