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Lamp DSP27U (T)

DSP27U (T)
Lighting fixture is used for lighting industrial, agricultural, warehouse and other premises of hazardous areas of zone 22.
Technical specifications
Protection class IEC (DSTU ІЕС 60598-1:2002) Safety class I
Power Factor Correction (PFC) 0,95...0,97
Correlated Color Temp (ССТ) 4000К
Mech. impact protection code (GOST 30631-99) М1
Input voltage (nominal), V 220 AC
IP Rating IP65
Light source LEDs

Lighting fixture is used for lighting industrial, agricultural, warehouse and other premises of hazardous areas of zone 22.

  • work at ambient temperatures up to + 85 ° C;
  • an electronic power supply (EPS) operates at an ambient temperature of -40 ° C to + 90 ° C;
  • a unique design solution - high power is provided with relatively small dimensions and weight of the lamp;
  • the ability to adjust the direction of lighting;
  • light source - energy-saving LEDs - energy efficiency class "A ++"! more than 50 thousand hours of continuous operation, stable luminous flux, instantly ignite / re-ignite, are resistant to voltage surges and multiple on / off switches, have high color rendering, there is no harmful effect of low-frequency pulsations, no ultraviolet radiation, environmentally friendly - do not require special disposal (without mercury);
  • color temperature correlated to order - 3000K or 5000K;
  • electronic components and LEDs exclusively from the world's leading manufacturers;
  • there are modifications with a cable connector that provides transit (trunk) electrical connections to the line;
  • are completed with an already connected electric cable 200 mm long - the wiring is greatly simplified;
  • on request they are completed with protective toughened silicate glass;
  • upon request, they are completed with a rope or a chain with a carabiner, which provide additional protection against accidental fall of the luminaire from a height;
  • in luminaires with a power of 230 W, depending on the ambient temperature, the decrease in the actual power is: + 60 ° C - 160 W; + 70оС - 145W; + 80оС - 130W, and for a 190W lamp: + 60оС - 150W; + 70оС - 135W; + 80оС - 125W;
  • high degree of dust and moisture protection, fireproof;
  • weatherproof - has a long service life.

Electrical box body: extruded anodized aluminum profile.
Optical housing: aluminum alloy.
Mounting lyre: steel.
Light-transmitting protective element: monoblock lenses of secondary optics - polycarbonate and, on request, toughened silicate glass.
Control equipment: TEVE built-in electronic power supply (EDS).
Cable gland: 1 or 2 pcs.
Light source: Seoul Semiconductor LEDs.

Complete set: lamp with LED light source.


  • (T1) by means of a rotating lyre on a horizontal or vertical supporting surface (1.1 or 1.2). Adjusting the position of the lamp in the vertical plane relative to the lyre to 45O in both directions.
  • (T2) on a horizontal or vertical mounting profile.

FIRE DSP37B-190-622 U1

decryption of modification:
1 digit • method of installation, design:
6- (T1) by means of a lyre, EDZ in the rectangular case from aluminum, heat-resistant
7- (T2) on a horizontal or vertical profile, Edge in the rectangular case from aluminum, heat-resistant

2 digit • KSS type - scattering angle:

1- L (semi-wide) - 120O
2- G (deep) - 90O
3- K (concentrated) - 60O

3 digit • method of electrical connection:

1- individually
2- transit to the line

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