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Smart lighting system

25 may 2020

Smart lighting system

Intensive technical development has led to the creation of the concept of "smart city", which involves the integration of Internet technologies with information and communication functions.

Its main goal is to simplify the management of street lighting and other services, increase economic efficiency by reducing energy consumption for lighting, reducing the cost of maintenance of street lamps. Improving the reliability of operation of street lighting systems, safety of pedestrians and drivers.

The latest developments are used in the organization of the reconstruction of street lighting and other life support systems in various settlements.

The use of intelligent control ensures the stability of communications, allows you to recognize deviations, eliminate violations and predict development.

The advantage of "smart lighting" over traditional lighting

Remote lighting "Smart" lighting
  • High power consumption is not a great resource up to 15,000 hours, low color rendering
  • Energy savings of up to 90%, low degradation of light flux (less than 10% in 5 years), service life of at least 50,000 hours, quality spectrum and color rendering, which provides better visibility in bad weather.
  • Physical inspection of the accident. Departure of the emergency crew to the place for visual inspection and assessment of the condition.
  • Remote monitoring - lamp shutdowns or emergencies are automatically reported by the system, saving time and money.
  • Paper document management and data archive. Dependence on paper maps and disparate files for the design and operation of street lighting infrastructure.
  • Intelligent control - the system plans and monitors tasks during operation, routes of field crews to minimize the impact on the road situation and safety in the city.
  • The only level of illumination day / night. The only level of luminous flux within the segment.
  • Smart lighting control - light intensity decreases during periods of low road traffic in order to conserve energy or, conversely, increases in areas with high crime conditions.
  • Accounting based on substations / feeders
  • Intelligent accounting and billing for each lamp.
  • Estimation of energy consumption, which is formed on the basis of electricity consumption in the street lighting network.
  • The smart meter takes into account consumption on the basis of tariffs, the balance of energy consumption is automatically formed and the model of work of system is adapted.

Benefits of using the "smart lighting" system

  • Energy conservation by controlling the level of light depending on traffic and time of day.
  • Working at reduced power extends the life of LED lamps.
  • Centralized monitoring and reporting on individual streets, which ensures more efficient operation of equipment.
  • Each luminaire has feedback from the operator's control panel, which leads to increased accuracy of asset management.
  • LED lamps do not require recycling because they do not contain mercury, hazardous and toxic substances.
  • Reduction of CO emissions into the atmosphere.

Download the presentation of the smart lighting system from VATRA (PDF, ~21Mb)

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