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23 july 2021

Nowadays, it is difficult to find people who are skeptical about their health. And this is true, because in the conditions of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the increase in the number of microbes, we all began to monitor our well-being and health even more closely.

Bactericidal recirculator is a closed type device that is used for safe disinfection of indoor air. It can be operated both in the absence and in the presence of people in the treated room, which is a significant advantage over quartz, which occurs without the presence of people, and requires mandatory ventilation. In turn, the ozone-free bactericidal recirculator does not require ventilation.

We have opened a new section «Bactericidal recirculators»

Bactericidal recirculators are useful units for air disinfection for any type of premises. Due to efficiency and safety, the closed air recirculator can be used:

  • in houses and apartments;
  • in offices;
  • shops;
  • production facilities;
  • food production;
  • schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions;
  • public swimming pools;
  • hospitals and pharmacies;
  • etc.
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